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Welcome along with me on this journey of Greatness, as we see briefly what the definition of music is and then forge ahead to see the review of our Featured artiste J.Clone's new track titled "I NO SEND YOU".

What is music? (It feels like back in the primary school days ba?) Music can be seen as the pattern of sounds produced by people or a person singing or playing instruments. Now to positive music which we are featuring today. After been schooled by my boss @dikky_CIA this few weeks, (Much respect Sir) have gotten to understand that positive music are the real music which we've had with Us from the beginning of Creation. Real Music are the ones that actually speaks a message into the life of a person, and that's what we are called to do (follow your calling and impact someone's life).

Since we've been able to establish what music is and have seen what real music is, let's meet our featured artist.

ARTIST REAL NAME: Jerry Shekwoduza John Dauda
J.Clone is a member of the singing group Take5.

Here is a brief REVIEW on the song "I NO SEND YOU" by a Crazy God lover and Rap fan,


The very first of J.Clone's song I heard was "Run For your Life" which I could not stop playing, it was on replay for days and I still get to enjoy it till now. If you haven't gotten it, I advice you do.

I am sure honoured to have been one of the first to download and listen to dis song "I NO SEND YOU" and on hearing the track I realized that when ever I think have heard the best from J.Clone he is always like WAIT! You haven't heard anything yet there is still more on the way (laughing) and this is just one of them again. "I NO SEND YOU" is powerful and carries a strong message. Its not a diss but a true message. I tell you its a must hear for every God chaser, speaks on not minding what the world says but sticking on what the Almighty (GOD) says.
I like the lyrics of the song, it passes a great and strong message and its fully God based.
I like the beat, its simple and forward.
I like how he was able to pick a little faster tempo than that of the beat and run with it.

Can't think of any now (laughing) I so love every part of the song. 
J.Clone is some great talent with a message and can't wait to hear something else from him.

Now here you have it, "I No Send You" by J.Clone. Listen, Enjoy, be blessed and share it on.
Just Click on the "I NO SEND YOU" link below

Also to J.Clone's Credit are: Run for your life, Metamorphosis, Keep Talking.

Remain fully blessed

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  1. I gbadun your review, Abibat. I also learned about JClone first through his song 'Run for your life.' I don't know JClone personally but if his music is a reflection of his personality then he is definitely a Jesus lover and doesn't spiff on the message of the Cross. That's a good thing, of course!


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