Tuesday, 21 August 2012


     Featured today is a God addict and a lover of Great Music, A force to reckon with in this our generation. He is by name EPHRAIM HARUNA. A final year student of the Department of Building, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna. Nigeria. A multi talented Instrumentalist, a great song writer and a member of the Musical, Acapella and R&B group Take Five (@take5hive).
     He has to his credit songs like Heavenly Father ft. T.R.C.Choir
                                                     In Your Presence

     and has been featured on songs like Metamorphosis by J.Clone (@Jclonee)
                                                         Keep Talking by J.Clone (@Jclonee)

     He has also written songs for great Gospel Artist like Bob Wealth, Take Five (@take5hive), The Rebirth Commissioned Choir, Noble (@noble_us) and a lot more.

     I was opportune to be among the first to listen to the track #Beautiful, I got it fresh from the oven of 2blaze Music, First thought it was a lady singing but was amazed wen I got to know it was a Guy. The song Beautiful has blessed me and I want it to bless you too. Are U guys ready to be wowed? So here it is.
His latest single ----> #BEAUTIFUL. http://hu.lk/bdh6rxu75vk0

Beautiful is a song written by Ephraem Chene, describing love and affection for God, proposing a closer relationship with HIM. 

NAME: Ephraim Haruna
STAGE NAME: Ephraem Chene

Other links
Metamorphosis by J.Clone ft. Ephraem Chene, Hayne & Storm Taddy  http://hu.lk/umv8qdi0ntog 

Remain Blessed


  1. Wow! This song is truly beautiful. Where has Ephraim been hiding all this while? That violin intro, the R & B beats and whoa! That VOICE! Please tell him he needs to write and perform more songs abeg!

  2. Ephraim has been here oo, lol! Has he really been hiding? I dnt tink so, cos he was d second vocalist on takeFive's #Imela track and he did d bridge of chosen the path, he also did d second rap at J.Clone's track metamorphosis and was d second rapper in Keep talking. So he's been very much around. Beautiful just happen to be his very first song i got out but we surely would see more of him. Tnks ma *Big Grin*


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