Friday, 25 April 2014


Olu Shogo is an energetic singer, worship leader, songwriter, and producer.
He has carved a niche for himself in fusing together high energy music with
a message of hope and restoration through Christ. His mission is to reach
out to the “unreached” and bring them to Christ and salvation through his
music and lifestyle.

Shogo, as he is popularly known has served in many capacities within the
body of Christ and most especially in Leadership at various worship
ministries and events. He has also served extensively in the Redeemed
Christian Church of God both in Africa, and in North America.

He grew up in West Africa and the African flair and flavor shows all over
his music. For Shogo, there is more to the ministry than just the few
minutes shared on stage. Worship is a lifestyle. He is continuously humbled
by the grace and mercy of God, then also awed at the gift of salvation. In
this reality is where he continuously resides and try to reach out to the

*Yeh Yeh Yeh *is just a simple line that responds to a town cry of a
celebrant. More like a nod in your head that you know that God has been
faithful to you or the celebrant. No matter who you are or whatever you
believe in, you are who you are and where you are by the grace and mercy of
Almighty God.



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