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Last weekend was indeed a memorable one for Abuja’s finest diva Godiya Dangana popularly called “Gdia” as family, friends and well wishers gathered to celebrate her on the launch of her second album. Present at the Event where the likes of Solomon Lange, E-Daniels, Prosper Tyteman, Stevewillis, Team Give Us The Chance, WYN Crew and a host of many others. After the event a colleague from NaijaGospel Beatz in Abuja caught up with her and here is an excerpt of the interview and also find pictures of the event below.

NaijagospelBeats: May we meet You

Gdia: My name is Godiya Dangana (Gdia). Proudly gbagyi. I am a native of Niger state and a student of Nasarawa state university keffi.

Naijagospelbeats: When did you start music?
Gdia: Music for me started at a very tender age. I will say I grew up singing and at a point I felt the urge to do more was much and at age 15 I dropped an album and followed up with a video at 19.

NaijagospelBeats: Tell us about your first album
Gdia: Lol..The album was good but  you know I was inexperienced, it was just funny (lol). I released it because I had a burning passion to and I did. It made me stood out among my peers. I can assure you a lot has changed and there is  more improvement on the album I just dropped.

NaijagospelBeats: Tell us about the Album?
Gdia: I wanted to title the album Awetu which means HOPE because  I wrote the song out of experience. The album is a product of experience. I didn’t title it Awetu because it sounds like am still hopeful, he has done so much and still love me even more than I thought that’s why I titled it Mai ceto.

Naijagospelbeats: What will you say is a major challenge for you in the industy?

Gdia: The challenge I have always had is meeting people and coping with them with lack of sincerity that exists amongst men. You really don’t know who is a good friend willing to buy into your passion and a lot of issues I may not be able to talk about here. I feel God allowed pass through those challenges to write songs that will heal and bless someone.

NaijagospelBeats: What was your parents reaction venturing into music?
Gdia: My parents are my number one fan. And my church too gave me all the support I needed in pursuing my talent.

NaijagospelBeats: What’s your advice for upcoming artist?
Gdia: Every up and coming artist should stay cool (Kill pride). Humility is key to climbing the ladder.

Naijagospelbeats: What’s your favorite meal?
Gdia: Wow, don’t tell anyone, My favorite food is Eba served with Egusi.

Naijagospelbeats: You favorite exercise
Gdia: I love dancing.

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E-Daniels on the red carpet

Pst Nicodemus Doing his thing

Solomon Lange
Gdia been interviewed

Da KingdomXploit on the red carpet

Solomon Lange and Gdia

Solomon Lange and Gdia Ministering

Gdia leading souls to worship

Steve Willis singing Yei Yei

E-Daniel Ministering

Blessing, Chidi and Jared

Psalm Dee and E-Daniels

Give US The Chance Crew

Tex, Gdia and 2Blaze

Godiya Dangana (Gdia)


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