Wednesday, 31 December 2014


 ... A knight in the order of Eleazar...
It's been a while since we heard from Deo, a year to be exact since the release of his last single "Going Down" with Ikan and Mod3. But he's back (hopefully for good) with Eleazar, the first single off his upcoming project "Crowns and Other Fancy Headgears" set to drop early next year.
The Song chronicles the transformation of a mind from a work based mentality to that of dependence upon the finished work of christ. It opens with a statement of a desire, a dream to live a life totally committed to the king. Then goes on to establish the inability of one to do so outside of grace and faith. It then rounds off with a picture of a heart that's dependent upon grace to do the works we've been called to do.
The Song gets it's title from the name of one of David's mighty men, Eleazar, one of the three that broke enemy lines to get water for the king.



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