Sunday, 19 May 2013

{FRESH} BURN OUT 2013 by SoulflameMX & IHN Mx

You must have heard of the christian rap group called SoulFlame and also
the christian rap crew In His Name (IHN). Now here is something you've not
heard in years; IHN and SoulFlame on the same track.

Jesus made a lot of things happen, he walked on water and raised the dead
and greatest of all, he put IHN and SoulFlame on the same song. This is
definitely the biggest HipHop collaboration of the year. We have seen
SoulFlamers that burst into tongues while spitting their verse in the
booth, we've also seen IHNites who convinced the microphone to give its
life to Christ.

You only get to see this amount of dopeness on a single joint once in 33.56
years. While I was trying to understand TY Stamina's warri english I got
caught up in Sonita's relaxed style, then I discovered that Ovie could rap
for 2.56 weeks without breathing and that rookie MC Love was no rookie. At
the end of the song I gained knowledge and a well deserved headache.

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