Monday, 20 May 2013

Get and listen to "ODUN" by C-STAS

Ok fam, i had to put this one up, This song "ODUN" was premiered sometimes in march 2013 and has since been blessing souls, I got another listen to this song today and decided to put it up here.


Meet the C-Stas: a musical group focused at touching lives through spirit inspired music, United by their passion for God and music. They spent most of their spare time together as room mates working, building and bonding. Sang together in the same choir, Chapel of His glory campus fellowship and Triumphant family choir.. Also ministered together at different campus fellowships. Moving from state to state as steered by the wheels of destiny. They started an all female group called C-STAS. Six in number at first, but two of the founding members left to pursue other endeavors.

Now emerged to shine as light in the darkness, with their music pointing at Christ as the Lord over all.
Four beautiful young ladies; Nanatsa, Layray, BeeNaya and BeeDeL. They are popularly known as C-STAS

Their style of music cannot be categorised as a particular genre as their inspirations are drawn from deep convictions rooted in the spirit of God and heavy exposure to music at a tender age. Their sounds ranging from R&B, Soul, Rock, Fuji, Afro-Beat, Traditional folk, etc. So at best their style of music can be best described as “ECLECTIC”

Their latest single “ODUN” is a song that talks about the “sweetness” of God’s love and how it elevates us into greater heights. You know it got to a point that Jesus even prayed that ‘this cup should pass by’ but He said ‘nevertheless Lord let Your will be done’ indicating that Love is not all d time sweet but when its in God’s will you’ll overcome its challenges without giving up. Many waters can’t quench Love,love is patient,love is God and God is Love. I God (LOVE) U.

Odun bi Oyin oooooo

Be richly Blessed


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