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From an unknown geographical location evolves an artistic icon by the government name  "Haye Frama" but artistically known as "Hayne".He hails from Guyuk, Adamawa state of Nigeria,but a lyrical product of the home of hip hop in Nigeria,Jos"jay town"He is a graduate of the department of architecture,ABU Zaria, But also a lyrical ambassador to planet earth  representing his government of heaven. He had been a writer and singer, but later started rapping in high school after hearing and miming a kanye west's song. That moment marked the birth of a rapper in hayne.he was a fan of kanye west,jay-z,talib kweli,nas,tupac,bob,twista and drake not until he descovered gospel hip hop. He was president of Timless- tongues,a rap crew under the ATC Club, Zaria, and was also an artiste of CANARY Records in Jos.

His itching quest 4 God came once upon a time after high school. He juggled and struggled between being a gospel or secular artiste not until he had an encounter with God in his first year in ABU where he found conviction and purpose. Since then he has moved with passion,unashamed to use his lyrical skill as a tool to nourish lives with good music and point them back to God. He is now a big fan of artistes like: lecrae,da truth,Andy mineo,Tedashii,victory,Swoope,Trip lee,kb,Deitrick,Spokesman nd Mali amongst others. He's been a recording artiste for 10yrs now. He has had the opportunity of working with canary crew artistes: khanisma,Sane and Jo whiz,and also worked with  several producers,namely: Sizzle pro,yackzy,monlee,Nesta,Blackfist(of threadstone) and the lots. Some other artistes he's worked with are: Storm,Jclone,Ephy,Neon,Noble amongst others., hayne is also a co-architect with da architect of the universe....

Here's what he's got to say about ANSWERS from PLANET WEIRDO ENT...

I know a thing or two about rejection,frustration and the feeling of being left out of the bubbling world. That feeling of pain,regret,anger,unforgiveness and self-pity. Have you ever watched a friend,family,husband,wife or the most good people you've ever known killed by wicked people?
That feeling of segregation,apartheid and racism? Believe me,I have fallen into the valley of indecision,confusion and disarray,that black hole where there's loneliness and fear. I don't always get it right,I fail sometimes. The church criticised/excommunicated us,the world threw stones at us. I've been through a lot of testing, and I couldn't find nobody. I took a flight to Planet Weirdo where I found ANSWERS.I found hope and peace, answers to my hearts prayers. Yeah!the world calls us weirdos,but they ain't got the answers, we do! God answers the prayers of his children, but according to his will. So don't let your sin hinder you,come to his throne boldly with your problems. He always gives an answer when you call. Luv you alll!!
Enjoy the music....

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