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Jerry Dauda artistically known as JCLONE is a dynamic and seasoned rapper. He hails from Diko, Niger state, Nigeria. A graduate of Biological Sciences from ABU Zaria, and a full time student of The-School-Of-The-Spirit #LearningContinues. Started rapping while in secondary school listening and miming to songs by artistes like Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West.....His quest for God and something more than just hip-hop, brought him to self-realization and a discovery of the gift to encourage people via the word of God. And now He uses it (rap) as a tool to foster the gospel of grace to his generation and the yet-unborn. He is a great fan of artistes like Da T.R.U.T.H, Andy Mineo, Lecrae, SOCIALXCLUB, Mali Music, HaychB, GMG, SpokesMan, Storm, Hayne amongst others. His single 'Winners anthem ft Emmykokz and Exzel' made a BIG BANG last year and since then its been featured on various sites/blogs/radio stations both local and international. J.Clone has been privileged to work with amazing artistes like 29:11, BeejayRhymes, Storm, Hayne, HaychB, and has also been featured on international collabos by Got Music Group rappers THIRST and RAYON (US based). J.Clone not only raps, he sings (member of the groups TAKE 5 and Mic105), writes, and produces (presently working with 2BLAZE MUZIK.

Here is what he's got to say about MISFIT MUZIK....

'In Nigeria, there are places you won't get a job if it is found out you are a believer, some are not allowed to pray while at work or in School, Christians are martyred in public places and even in churches when they proclaim the gospel. This amongst other challenges are what we, the youths and teenagers face on a daily basis because of our faith. Are all these yardsticks to compromise or to water-down our beliefs, or let go of the beautiful message of Grace that was passed on to us? NO.... God is still in the business of replicating his kingdom in the hearts of men (in geometric progression) through us (privileged sons) and we should get LOUD about this. As the MISFITS that we are, let the world see the difference (CHRIST) in us and be drawn to the light of God through the Love they see us display.

'Misfit Muzik' is dedicated to people who have ever felt rejected, condemned, lonely, shot-out, because of their beliefs. You have a family, you are loved, you are not condemned, you are forgiven........ 

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Download, listen  and be renewed.


Keep Repping Christ

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