Tuesday, 30 July 2013

10 things you don't know about Kirk Franklin

In case you’ve been buried under a rock, you should know that Kirk Franklin is a megastar in the world of gospel music.  His albums have sold millions of copies around the world, and he is a major force for Christians seeking a good rhythm to underlie their spiritual challenges.

Here are a few other things you may or may not know about Franklin:

1)      He is from Forth Worth, Texas, raised by his Great Aunt Gertrude after being abandoned by his mother as a baby

2)      His aunt sold aluminum cans to pay for Kirk’s piano lessons as a child.  He could read and write music at an early age, often playing by ear

3)      He received his first contract offer at the age of seven, which his aunt turned down.

4)      Franklin became choir director at the Mr. Rose Adventist Church at the age of 11

5)      “Kirk Franklin & The Family” was formed in 1992 as a collection of Kirk’s friends.  Vicki Mack Lataillade, co-founder of GospoCentric, heard the group’s demo and signed them to a contract immediately

6)      The group’s first album, “Kirk Franklin & the Family,” was released in 1993 and reached platinum status on the charts.  It was also the first gospel album to sell over a million units

7)      In 2000, The Family filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Franklin and GospoCentric Records.   This was the end of the group and Kirk became a solo artist

8)      In 1996, Franklin Married Tammy Collins, a long-time friend.  They both had one child from a previous relationship.  They have two children: Kennedy, born in 1997, and Caziah, born in 2000.

9)      In 2000, Kirk appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss his addition to pornography

10)   Kirk left the church early in life and returned after the shooting death of his friend


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