Sunday, 7 July 2013

{New Muzik} "FICTION" by Zino-P

Sarah irone artistically known as Zino-p hails from Delta state Nigeria,  a student  studing biology at Ahmadu bello university kaduna nigeria. She has always been pationate about music, started rapping in secondary school, miming artist like kanye west, eminem etc, found light and continued miming d likes of lecrae, triplee, flames, da truth. Not until she became a member of timeless tongues the rap arm of a ministry called 'all talented christains club' zino-p is also a member of mic105 n highmuzik, she's been in a couple of features n cyphers, aside being a rapper sarah is also a dance minister, her aim is 2 reach out 2 people in an unconventional manner with her music  bless the listeners and also get blessed at the same time.
     I know a lot of people will wonder where the heck the name FICTION came from, the skit is actually a story line, that's one of the reason's its called that. But you will agree with me that most fictional stories end up to be true after all. The song entails the miracle hand of God in the lives of sick people, the fact that the impossible can be made possible and health be restored, the tittle dosn't make God unreal, and guess what the story line is about zino-p, she had some health challenges that triggerd the writting. So its non-fictional after all.
 Enjoy and get blessed shalom!



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