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Promise Benson is a prolific writer and music producer. He has a degree in sociology and a diploma in public Administration from the University of Abuja. His passion is to provoke change and inspire hope in the lives of young people using music and motivation as a medium.

He has graced the stage with gospel greats both home and abroad: Alvin Slaughter, Martha Manuzzi, Lionel Peterson, Asu Ekiye, Panam Percy Paul, Samsong to mention few. He has a successful recording career with radio hits like Agidigba, Reality and now Aka. His lyrical prowess and dexterity in playing the musical instruments is what distinguishes him from others.



“Some songs are written and then some songs are given!” – Glowreeyah Braimah

“June 25th, 2014 (Lagos, Nigeria): 'Miracle-Worker'(The Yahweh reprise) was given to me as I prayed in my 'Jugsy-Nduks' room. I lay face-down on the floor because my knees could not bear the weight of my agony that day. This lasted for approximately 8 minutes and 3 seconds. At the very same moment, my 2 year-old niece was fighting for her life in an Intensive Care Unit in the USA. Doctors were trying to revive her through Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Soon after, she slipped into a coma and was in that state for few weeks. In between the last full-stop and this next sentence, it is best left to the imagination what a harrowing time that my family had to endure during that period. 

I sang this song every-day because I could not find the words to pray.

I promised heaven that I would record and release the song as soon as my niece left the hospital. Promise kept. Here, you have it!

Interestingly, my fellow stake-holders in the process (Wilson Joel and Nathaniel Bassey) were also going through several near-similar encounters. For WJ, he also had a family member in hospital. For NB, anytime he turned on the TV etc, all he heard was a confirmation of the lyrics of this song.

Today, Fefe (pronounced Fay-fay) is the effervescent joy-ball as she has always been! Her laughter peals like bells ringing. It is almost surreal to believe the awesome transformation. From down and out, to up and about! Few weeks ago, I visited her and when I sang her 'Miracle-working God' song to her, the smile she gave me was worth more than a million rainbows!

Who would have known that such a trial would birth such a triumph? YAHWEH!



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Glowreeyah Braimah  - Miracle Worker [Lyrics]

 Inspiration by Yahweh
Written/Vocals by Glowreeyah Braimah
Trumpet/Vocals by Nathaniel Bassey
Produced,Mixed and Mastered by Wilson Joel(Doxology Music)

Verse 1
Miracle Worker (2ce)
Come and do a miracle, a miracle today(2ce)

Miracle-Worker (2ce)
Come and do a miracle, a miracle today (2ce)
Destiny-Changer, you are a Destiny-Changer.
Come and change a destiny, a destiny today (2ce).

Your name is Yahweh
Your name is Yahweh
You're the miracle-working God
Your name is Yahweh

Verse 2

Powerful Healer, you are the powerful Healer
Come and heal so powerful, so powerful today
You will heal so powerful, so powerful today
Powerful Healer, you are the Powerful Healer(yeah)
Come and heal so powerful, so powerful today
Let us see your power flow
Your power flow today

Yahweh (repeat)/Trumpet solo Interlude

Outro: You're the miracle-working God, the miracle-working God,
          You're the miracle-working God, Yahweh

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Efe B'Liv a seasoned worship leader is here with his debute single Titled #OGHENE TEGA, meaning "God Is Worthy To Be Served"is set to get us praising and thanking God for all He has done as we relive His wonders in our lives!. With its video dropping later this month,you will agree with me that this Niger Delta Gospel Minister will lead us into Gods presences

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Moses Afolayan popularly known as 'Bishop' a music minister, praise and worship leader, a gospel artist and a music director. For almost two decades He has been a music director and a praise worship leader.

Presently He is the music director of the New Dawn Choir of the Latter Rain Assembly. He is also the visioneer of the Latter Glory Int'l, CEO of Bishop musical ventures - a sound company,  and music director to the Latter Glory Singers.

Over the years he has worked with artist like Psalmos,Kenny k'ore, Nathaniel Bassey,
Bukky bekes, Bolaji sax, Bisi Adunbarin, Pastor kunle Ajayi, Vivien Stephen, Yetunde Are, and Buchi just  to mention a few.

His new single Song of Victory, is a fusion of different genre of music in which he featured one of Nigeria's best female gospel artiste - Psalmos.

When asked why this is so, he said he is a lover of all genre .

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Aye, aye, salute! Let’s sail!

Dressed as a Naval Captain and conveyed from an angle of earthly authority,Glowreeyah creatively endeavors to capture the essence of One who is Lofty, Mighty and Greatly Incomparable!This unique and vibrant video portrays Glowreeyah as a worship kingdom ambassador.

With props and images such as The Great Seal of the Kingdom, flags of nations, battle-ships/war-room scenarios, schematic colour choices depicting royalty/salvation, scenic outdoor landscapes and more; she uses a platform of power to address the world-announcing to people of all nations, tribes, tongues and creeds that irrespective of trials, distress and woes,that God remains unshakable and no one else is deserving of His adulation, of His worship, of His Crown!

Though nations may rise up against nations and tales of terror, trouble and woe may have you facing a wall; wherever you are, whatever you do, may #God alone be your anthem, your succour and your eternal muse!

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