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He is referred to as the Uber-talented songwriter and producer extraordinaire. His name is  FloRocka and yes, he has a new single out titled "Twale".

in his own words “Upon the successful release of my album SANCTIONED on September 1st 2012, I was really blessed by the comments, prayers, seeds and words of encouragement from my friends and fans. I decided to bless them all back by recording a ‘worship’ rendition to one of my popular songs, TWALE. This track promises to create an atmosphere of worship and intimacy to its listeners. So here’s to all my friends, fans and well wishers! TWALE RMX will also be available on my next project – The Worship Sessions. God bless!”  
So here it is...
Download Twale and enjoy! 



"DE ORIONS" Music Ministry comprises of five guys (Shilo, Ada, Paul, Samuel and Zacks). This five young men makeup the gospel rock band that Started some years back at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria. DE ORIONS is a Rock Music Band committed in spreading the Good news of God's Kingdom through Music.
 As the name suggests, we are a rock band based in zaria for now, we are a music group brought by God to bring live to music ministry. The Orion is a Greek word biblicaly it is found in Job9:9 when God was talking about the wondrous things He made. Its a constellation, they are the brightest stars and don't  come out easily. they cant be seen without the aid of a telescope. Matt 5:14-16, Christ is the constellation that houses the stars, they get their source from God.

Olatunji Olasehinde of Da KingdomXploit In an exclusive interview brought to the fore the debut album of the Zaria-based Rock band "De Orions" which was released exactly a week ago.

DaKingdomXploit: First of all, congratulations on the release of your debut. So, Why Rock?

Orions: All form of music broke out from rock, biblically from the old testament (Psalm 33) there is always these talk of making loud, joyful noises, playing instrument skillfully to God. So its rock for us. We do slow rock, techno rock, pop rock and heavy metal.

DaKingdomXploit: Alura?

Orions: Literally it means Injection in Hausa language.

DaKingdomXploit: What is the basis?

Orions: The devil is a technical failure, we need a technical approach to disseminate him. There is a guilt after committing sin that hamper one's relationship with God, Everyone was scared of injection as a child, the devil has this injection he gives when you dance to his tune. Christ came to take away the yoke of sin, so the injection the devil gives is broken because we live by grace in Christ.

DaKingdomXploit: How many tracks in the "Alura" album?

Orions: 9 tracks

DaKingdomXploit: As a band which track is your favourite?

Orions: We can't pick anyone out, they are all our favourite; we all have the same reason about all the songs.

DaKingdomXploit: As students how do you balance school work with ministry?

Orions: We thank God for the kind of people in this band, we are not really academic fanatics, we have passion for what we do. Every star knows its importance, we've never really encouraged ourselves to study, our main drive is our ministry. We don't really have a time table to balance ministry and study, but we've experienced great success academically. We had to table our problems before God and HE has released grace unto us. We see ourselves as examples so we try to make good use of our time even though it's hard.

DaKingdomXploit: How often do you meet and are there rehearsal days?

Orions: We are disorganized in a formal way. Normal meetings are Wednesdays and Saturdays but sometimes we can meet all through the week, for now we meet in churches, before there were times we met under trees with our instruments.

DaKingdomXploit: When did the band start?

Orions: About 10yrs ago

DaKingdomXploit: Who are your mentors?

Orions: We like Hillsong, Planet Shakers, Newsboys just to mention a few.

DaKingdomXploit: Your dream for these project?

Orions: should covey the message of the album. Communicating the life of the album is our number one priority.

DaKingdomXploit: Your dreams for Orions as a ministry?

Orions: To host a concert on the ka'aba in Mecca but first the seven star hotel, We'll also host music conferences in the Nation, We would have a worship centre, Music Church, we would be taking over the entire Nigerian Music scene to affect generation.

DaKingdomXploit: Your message to your Audience?

Orions: Reflect on God in our message not us and also that we love them all {hugs}.

DaKingdomXploit: Thank you for hanging out with us and sharing light on your new album "Alura" and I pray that God establish you. See you at the top. God Bless.

You can connect with the Orions on Twitter @orionzassp and on Facebook @

the Album can be gotten at
The Godlife assembly Site (Gethsemane) beside NITT, Paladan Zaria, Kaduna- Nigeria

Get two free downloads of tracks in ALURA



Be Blessed

{NEW} "SOME MORE" by BOLA ZION {Free Download}

Adenuga Bola Zion a.k.a Zionaire is an African contemporary gospel music artiste and a director; he poises great vocal capacity and lyrical depth. He is a musician with a creative and artistic nature which reflects in his blend of African and contemporary songs where he parades his mother tongue, the Yoruba language and English language in a smooth blend. His style of music can be described simply as complete, giving the young and the young and old a feel and a reason to always listen to his songs. Off his “So Amazing” album, Bola Zion presents this tune titled “Some More“ produced by fast-rising producer/artiste Dr Sankty.

Here is "Some More" listen up and share your thoughts. ENJOY!!!


Be Blessed.

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Gospel singer and pastor Shirley Caesar reflects on her life

On a Sunday morning in Raleigh, a small woman with a big voice leads dozens of people praying and swaying in a service that is half-spoken, half-sung and goes on well into the afternoon. Pastor Shirley Caesar, the reigning Queen of Gospel, is preaching the Word.
Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church, with a congregation of about 1,500 people, is in Raleigh, but it's Durham that holds the pastor's heart. "Durham is home," she says. "Not was, but is. Durham is my home. I was born here, went to school here, got in trouble here. Durham is home."
And Durham is grateful: Pastor Caesar, winner of 11 Grammy Awards for her gospel music, will be honored for her life's work in service of the city at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau's annual tribute luncheon on April 24.
Caesar was born in 1938, when "the tobacco factories were blooming," she remembers. "As a child growing up, we still had dirt streets. And potholes." She remembers being carried to church; church has been one constant in Caesar's life, and singing has been the other.
Caesar's father, Big Jim Caesar, was a gifted gospel singer. He died when Shirley was still a child, leaving behind her handicapped mother and 11 other children. Times were incredibly difficult, but Caesar says she had a wonderful childhood nonetheless, immersed in church and family life. "My brothers, they had quartets ... we were just like chips from my father's tree," she says. "It was marvelous. Pretty much all of the Caesar side of my family are singers, either singers or preachers."
To hear her tell it, Shirley Caesar has never experienced adversity: from getting a whipping to being hungry and penniless in a strange town, it's been "a blessing in disguise" to her.
"Mama told me and my sister Anne to wash the dishes," Caesar says. "I didn't want to do it, I said I'm not going to put that water on my hands. Got in trouble. After we'd gotten that whipping, I would wash and Anne would dry. We knew nothing about having air conditioners then, all we had was the big window. So, when we had the windows up, our voices just penetrated the atmosphere, into the hearts and the homes of people and passersby."
Baby Shirley Caesar, as she came to be known, would sing from then on, every chance she got, traveling on weekends to churches all over the Carolinas and Virginia. In 1957, when Caesar was 19, the premier gospel group The Caravans, headed by gospel music icon Albertina Walker, came through North Carolina to perform. Noting that the group needed a fourth singer to form a quartet, Caesar followed The Caravans to a show in Kinston. "I felt in my spirit that if Albertina Walker heard me sing," she says, "she would want me in her group."
Caesar wrote a request on a piece of paper: "Please call on Shirley Caesar to sing a solo." Walker did call on Caesar; she sang her solo, Thomas A. Dorsey's "The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow." Walker was so impressed with Caesar's performance that she asked her friend the Rev. C.L. Franklin (father of Aretha) to ask Caesar's mother for permission for her daughter to travel with The Caravans.
Having finished her first year at North Carolina College (now N.C. Central University) and unable to afford tuition for the next one, Caesar said, "I sold my biology book and caught a bus to D.C.," where The Caravans joined her the next day. Thus began her singing career and her new life on the road.
"We have far more fond memories than we do bad memories," Caesar says of touring with The Caravans and other gospel groups. She recalls singing in venues such as the Apollo, Madison Square Garden, the Grand Ole Opry, Radio City Music Hall. In Kentucky, which Caesar knew was the Bluegrass state, she looked for grass "the color of the sky or a robin's egg."
To anyone else, Caesar's bad memories would be spirit-crushing. "There have been times when I've gone to cities to sing, and while we were singing the promoter would just skip with the money," she says. She remembers being lonely, broke and hungry, occasionally, while traveling on the road; even groups as well known as The Caravans were not well paid.
"Racial discrimination kept us out of the more decent hotels and restaurants," Caesar writes in her autobiography, The Lady, the Melody and the Word, "but even if it hadn't, it wouldn't have mattered. We didn't have the money to stay in the nicer places anyway."
After eight years with The Caravans, during which, Caesar notes proudly, she never missed a single show, she decided that it was time to go solo. She wanted to minister God's word, she says, and her packed schedule with The Caravans didn't allow for that. Caesar took to the road herself, singing and preaching all over the country. She won her first Grammy in 1970. She's released more than 20 albums and a dozen singles, including one in 1984 with Al Green, "Sailin' on the Sea of Your Love."
A Thanksgiving in Florida inspired Caesar's next move. "My plate was just voluptuously fixed, ready for me to dive headfirst into, and I was watching the news. I was watching how right in our neighboring state, Tennessee, I saw little boys and girls, little kids, with pot bellies looking like kids from Africa because they had no food, starving. Tennessee! While I'm sitting there eating, I heard the Lord whisper in my ear and say 'Feed my sheep.' By that time, I'd put my fork down and I said Lord, I'm doing that."
Caesar implemented the Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries in Durham in 1969, "to provide food, clothing, shelter and emergency funds to the underprivileged and needy," she writes in her autobiography. "There is also a viable Christian outreach component consisting of radio broadcasting, revivals, crusades and gospel concerts. Our primary purpose is to minister to the total man which includes both his physical and spiritual welfare."
Corey Bizzell, sales director at the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau and a former employee of Outreach Ministries, says the organization was the first of its kind in the country. "Everybody patterned themselves after Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries," he says. "When it started, nobody in Durham was doing that. Nobody was feeding the hungry on a large scale like that."
Outreach Ministries became a certified nonprofit in 1981, and now it operates in Raleigh as well as Durham. Caesar is still very much involved with the day-to-day running of the organization, says Bizzell. "It has been funded all these years by 50 percent of Pastor Caesar's concert sales. No grants. The other fundraiser is an annual conference in July, which started at the Durham Armory. Pastor Caesar brought people into Durham for years."
In 1981, Caesar enrolled at Shaw University to study business administration while continuing to record award-winning gospel albums. She graduated magna cum laude ("Thank you, Lawdy!" she says) in 1984, the year after she married Bishop Harold Ivory Williams. Bishop Williams, whom Caesar had met at a ministerial function in Durham, is a senior bishop in the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, her denomination since childhood.
Pastor Caesar decided to run for an open seat on the Durham City Council in 1987. Though she faced discouragement—people told her politics and religion don't mix and that a political campaign could hurt her singing career—Caesar says she wanted to give back to the community that has given her so much. Campaigning, too, was difficult and discouraging at times, but Caesar won the endorsement of several prominent political action groups in Durham.
Among Caesar's supporters was Paige Chargois, another female minister and chaplain at N.C. Central from 1986 to 1990, who became Caesar's campaign co-chairwoman. "We put a lot of effort in," Chargois says. "It was a jubilant campaign. The community knew her beneath the surface, they knew she wasn't a superficial politician but a genuine, caring person. She's given so much. She asked me if I thought she could win. I can't remember what I said to her, but she said from that moment, she had no doubt she would win."
Win she did, and Caesar served for four years. She was determined to fulfill her campaign promises and fought to bring jobs to Durham, to provide affordable housing for seniors, to promote business in downtown Durham and to bring more industry to the city overall. "My years on the city council were wonderful," Caesar says. "I'm grateful to have had that experience. Everybody on there had gone to college, I mean, they had all kinds of degrees. I'm so glad that I went back to school and got my degree, because I did not want to be the lowest one on the totem pole. I was able to input intelligently, and I'm glad that I was able to vote to put wonderful practices into place."
In 1990, Caesar accepted the pastorate of the Raleigh Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church, where she preaches the Word to this day. She has also spent time studying at the Duke University School of Divinity. Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries is still an invaluable resource for families in Durham and Raleigh.
"For the Christmas and Thanksgiving giveaways, the annual big signature events, hundreds and hundreds of families come through, about five or six hundred families at least, come through," says Bizzell. "During the year, she may be providing shelter for one family, or one family's lights may be getting ready to get cut off, but the thing about Shirley Caesar Outreach Ministries is, before you can get a check, you're not only given counsel on how to better manage your finances but she's giving spiritual counsel also."
The Triangle, and Durham in particular, are becoming increasingly well-known destinations for gospel. "You're talking about a Bible belt, and gospel radio and television are really infiltrating our whole area," says Caesar. "I'm so grateful that I can represent Durham from a standpoint of a gospel singer because now, we have some powerful gospel singers all over our state, and especially here in the Triangle. And good churches too."
It is likely that Caesar will represent Durham for a long time yet. Her pride and work ethic are unmatched. Caesar's colleague and close friend Carolyn Sanders says, "She can be ever so tired. She has come into services from traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast on the redeye, and be dog tired. You put her in the pulpit and give her the microphone and it's like heaven and hell."
"Something just wakes up in my spirit," Caesar says. "All you have to do is just put a mic in my hand and point the way. The Word motivates me, it really does. I said Lord, if you just put the Word in my mouth, I'll say it. I'll say it."


Billboard Gospel Chart: Andy Mineo debuts #1 and takes over other charts

Andy Mineo took the #1 spot on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart with his debut album “Heroes for Sale” The hip hop artist didn’t stop there. Mineo also debuted # 1 on Billboard’s Christian Chart, #11 on the overall Top 200, #2 on the Indie Album and #4 on the Rap Album Chart. “Heroes for Sale” also took the #3 spot at iTunes ® Overall Album and Hip Hop Chart, The rankings were announced today, April 25.
Tamela Mann is #2 with “Best Days,” United Tenors: Hammond Hollister, Roberson, Wilson" is #3 and "WOW Gospel 2013." Alexis Spight’s “L.O.L.” lands in the #5 spot.

Billboard Top Ten Gospel Albums
  1. “Heroes For Sale”-Andy Mineo
  2. “Best Days”-Tamela Mann
  3. “United Tenors: Hammond Hollister, Roberson, Wilson”-Fred Hammond
  4. “WOW Gospel 2013”-Various
  5. “L.O.L.”-Alexis Spight
  6. “Grace”-Tasha Cobbs
  7. “Good God”-Shirley Caesar
  8. “Gravity”-Lecrae
  9. “Jesus At The Center”-Israel & New Breed
  10. “The Evolution II”-Larry Callahan and Selected of God


With AWESOME songs like "Mighty God", "The Presence", Joseph Ebhodaghe aka Joe Praize is an anointed praise and worship leader, song writer and recording artiste, He releases a brand new single titled i Testify. It is the first song to be recorded at the COAST2COAST Studios Lagos, Nigeria owned by Joe Praize.
Listen and be Blessed.....

God Bless.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


The Very Enthusiastic New Breed A.k.a. Churchboys is a musical group based in Abuja that started On 26 February 2010, consisting of 2 Rappers (Fresh and Smart Brainz) and a Singer (Shezy). Their Mission is to take the good news to another level, and use music to give hope to those who feel they have lost their place of Sonship through the message of Grace. The Trio have placed a mark in the industry already in a short time; they've won the Ben 10 Talent hunt, rocked stages like; Experience, Miss Nigeria, Glo Rock and Roll, Christ Embassy Durumi, Eden Garden, Blakes Abuja, Mr Famous.... But to mention a few. They already have the attention of many record labels craving to sign them up! Watch out for more hits from them. New breed say "Farabale".

Below are links to Farabale and Omoba....


God Bless

{FRESH} HIGH by Gospel Diva "ONOS"

Gospel Diva ONOS (Best female vocalist at the Nigerian Gospel Music Awards 2012) is at it again with a brand new single titled HIGH!! 

The track was produced by FLO and it is guaranteed to get you on your feet.!!
Enjoy "HIGH" and be blessed.


God Bless

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Gospel Music Festival Headliners Announced John P. Kee, Vickie Winans And Smokie Norful In Lineup

Grammy Award winners are among the headliners set to perform at the  2013 Gospel Music Festival in Bronzeville this summer, which will also include a new “Battle of the Chicago Gospel Choirs,” the city announced Wednesday.
The festival takes place June 20-23. Musicians are set to play at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park the first night, The Chicago Cultural Center the next night and Ellis Park at 37th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Bronzeville on June 22 and 23. 
Smokie Norful, who won a Grammy Award in 2005 for Contemporary Soul Gospel Album of the Year, is among the headliners playing at Ellis Park Saturday, June 22.
Another performer at Ellis Park that Saturday is Tamela Mann, who in addition to singing gospel has also appeared as an actress in Tyler Perry plays and the films “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Meet the Browns.”
John P. Kee and New Life, Lecrae and host Vickie Winans are also on for June 22, the city said.
On June 23, Grammy Award-winning Joe Ligon and The Mighty Clouds of Joy will headline, along with singer Kierra Sheard and The Brat Pack, made up of Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Ricky Dillard and Donald Lawrence. Singing back-up vocals for the group are Dexter Walker and Zion Movement.
The rest of the lineup will be announced in May, the Department of Cultural Affairs said.
New this year is the “Battle of the Chicago Gospel Choirs,” which will allow city choirs to compete with one another in several rounds.
Entries for the competition must be received by May 7. The first round takes place May 18 at Austin Town Hall Park and June 1 at the Washington Park Fieldhouse. The grand finale round will take place on the festival’s opening night at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and the winning choir will be featured on stage in Bronzeville the last day of the festival. 
The festival is presented by the city and the Black McDonald’s Operators Association, which is comprised of more than a dozen Chicago and Northwest Indiana area McDonald’s restaurant owners.

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{FRESH} "She's Alright" by Ckay and Lucid (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Chukwuka "CKay" Ekweani is a Christian singer,rapper and music producer based in Kaduna, Nigeria. He is 17 years old and currently works in YWAP i61 Studio, Barnawa, Kaduna, Nigeria. He is a member of the Christian youth group, YWAP (Youth With A Purpose). He hails from Dunukofia, Anambra state, Nigeria, but grew up in Kaduna, Nigeria.
CKay was introduced to the piano and music in general by his father, who is an Anglican church organist, in 2004. He continued to learn formal choral music for a while, but he got bored of the formality and rules that governed such music, and, before long, abandoned it. But his deep love for music burned in his heart still. Flash forward, 2007, he was reunited with an old friend, Emmanuel "FURY" Sheshi, who happened to be something of a "bedroom record producer" at the time.

When he heard Fury's beats he was completely enthralled and enchanted with what he heard and decided to take up music production! He loved the idea that one could lay down ideas and have complete control over one's music with a just a computer! He learnt a lot about the arts of music composition and songwriting from FURY. He learnt a great deal from internet articles and videos as well.

CKay is currently an unsigned artist, but has been working with cre8ive music group for some time as a producer. He has produced some of their songs, including the smash hit, "Muno De". He has worked with other notables.
On this song, he came together with Lucid of Cre8tive Music to do something they said is specially for the ladies "I wonder why".. Well enjoy!
                                             Follow them on twitter @lucid196 and @itsckay

"She's Alright" DOWNLOAD 

Be Blessed.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Televangelist Juanita Bynum jailed in Dallas for failure to appear in civil proceeding


Gospel performer and televangelist Juanita Bynum spent the night in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center after authorities arrested her on a warrant for her failure to appear in a Dallas civil proceeding against her, according to public records.
The Georgia woman was booked in at the jail about 10:30 p.m. Thursday. She was released after she appeared in a Dallas courtroom earlier today to answer questions in the case, which includes a 2007 judgment ordering her to pay $140,000 to ALW Entertainment.
She has yet to pay the money to promoter Al Wash’s company, his attorney said, though they are hopeful that the case may finally be resolved. Wash sued Bynum for failing to perform in a play for which he had paid her.
“She has disclosed the whereabouts of her assets and her business dealings,” entertainment attorney David Small said.
Bynum has faced controversy in recent years. In 2008, her husband at the time, Thomas Weeks, pleaded guilty to assaulting her and was sentenced to probation, according to reports. The couple later divorced.

Meet with "Cre8tive Music"

"The Cre8tives" as a Musical group was formed in the year 2008 by
Goodnews Rappers Dip-Ace (David Ichuku Patrick) and Lu-cid (Joseph Salubi), And they have since been making great songs for the Church, then in 2011 they made their first ever professional song "Yesu Na'' which featured one of Kaduna's best voices "Minicent". Then in 2012, The Cre8tives evolved into a Record Company "Cre8tive Music" with Both rappers as signed artists. And their songs continued to get acceptance by both; The Christian Brethren and The World, coupled with the fact that their vision is to see the Gospel Preached not only to The church folks but to those outside also, cos the Goodnews isn't for believers only, but to all Mankind. Two years after "Yesu Na" release, they got involved in lot of Underground Works, which in the early days of 2013, yielded up a beautiful song "Solomon". Being their second song to hit the mainstream, Solomon was Released on January 4th and it featured yet another gifted artist "Joshua Davids (Hysteria)". This song has boosted their public acceptance Home and Abroad. Solomon has topped both Christian and secular charts. While Solomon is still a Melody in the heart of many "Young and Old",and on 1st of April  the company decided to drop another song "Muno De". Follow em on Twitter @iCre8_Muzik.

Download their songs below.

Be Blessed.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

{FRESH} Pat Uwaje-King Of "Midnight Crew" Brings Out First Ever Independent Single, ‘Eze

One of the darlings of Nigeria Gospel Music lovers, Pat Uwaje-King, fondly called ”Mama P”, of the world acclaimed gospel group, Midnight Crew (popularly known for their hit track IGWE), has undoubtedly been a force to reckon with, when it comes to gospel music in Nigeria.
The Creative arts graduate of the University of Lagos has been in the music ministry for about two decades and has stayed very much relevant in the gospel industry. Offering support and motivation to upcoming colleagues, Pat has featured in many songs and videos, either gracefully harmonizing or beautifully rendering a verse or chorus in any of the “wa-zo-bia” languages.
Midnight Crew announced recently, “There is an arrangement in place for each member of the quartet to release singles” and Pat Uwaje-King, has just released her first ever independent single, EZE.
Lovers of IGWE will definitely love this beautiful medley as it is yet again, characterized by Pat’s signature adlibs and unique vocal prowess.
The song is released under the stables of Midnight Crew Music and Pat’s music outfit, GPK Records.
EZE will get you smiling and swaying from side to side. Enjoy!

Connect with Pat Uwaje- King:

LISTEN: New Music Earnest Pugh “I Believe You Most”

Is it fair that this dude keeps making music?! Check out the new single from gospel crooner Earnest Pugh.  Lifted from his upcoming album, Earnest Pugh: Live in the Nassau, Bahamas“.Check it out, what you think?



Motown Gospel Signs CeCe Winans as First Artist

Gospel recording artist veteran star CeCe Winans has become Motown Gospel’s first signing, with her inaugural Motown Gospel album. This will also mark Winans’ first record in five years which is not set for release early next year.
Also on the roster are Detroiter Kierra (Kiki) Sheard, Smokie Norful, Tye Tribbett and Tasha Cobbs.
Barry Weiss, chairman and CEO, Universal Music Group East Coast Label Group says the new label will also tap into the promotional resources of Motown Records, whose current roster includes Ne-Yo, Erykah Badu and Kem.
The venture comes half a century after Motown’s first foray into gospel music, with the short-lived Divinity Records in 1962.  But the new Motown Gospel is already a prime-time player, marshaling an array of top executives in New York and Nashville and helmed by a pair of industry veterans: Universal’s Weiss — whose Island Def Jam group includes Motown Records — and Bill Hearn, president of EMI’s Christian music arm.
“It’s hugely significant for Barry Weiss and Bill Hearn to come together,” said Jackie Patillo, executive director of the Gospel Music Association. “This just strengthens the reach for gospel music.”
The appointment of Aaron Lindsey as head of A&R “is a major statement about the impact they’re planning to have,” said Patillo. Lindsey is among the most decorated producers in modern gospel music, having directed chart-topping projects for Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton and others.
Weiss said the gospel label is part of a broader effort by Universal to reinvigorate the Motown brand and “bring it back to former glory.” The launch was timed to capitalize on the buzz around Berry Gordy Jr.’s “Motown: The Musical,” set to premiere April 14 on Broadway.
“We see Motown Gospel as brand extension,” said Weiss. “Motown stands for great artists, and it can do that with gospel music.”
The announcement comes as gospel enjoys a growing mainstream presence with R&B successes such as Mary Mary, along with prime performance slots on late-night and morning network programs.  Also Sheard is now starring in a reality show about her family that is now airing on Sunday’s on BET at 8:00p.m.
“What we’ve been seeing with gospel this past year is pretty awesome,” said Patillo. “There’s been a lot of visibility for gospel music, so (Motown Gospel) is a big step in the right direction.”
Motown Gospel will be pushing for such multi-format successes as “we attempt to create the next Kirk Franklin or Yolanda Adams,” said Weiss.
“The bottom line is we’re looking for this to go new places,” he said. “When a Motown Gospel artist has a record we feel can cross over into the secular marketplace, we’ll employ the Island Def Jam promotional machine.”

Shirley Caesar Misses Lifetime-Award Appearance

The Praise Awards red carpet gala event at the Montego Bay Convention Centre last Wednesday was snubbed by its lifetime-achievement awardee the Reverend Dr Shirley Caesar.
The iconic gospel singer, who in addition to the Reverend Dr V.T. Williams, was scheduled to receive a lifetime-achievement award from Jamaica Praise Fest organisers, was nowhere to be found when it was time to collect her award.
Eager fans of her music and attendees, some of whom had paid as much as $3500 to share in the moment, simply had to be content with an apology for her absence.
The Reverend V.T. Williams was, however, present to accept his award.
"She had another commitment that resulted in her not being at the event," president of Jamaica Praise Fest Lorna Chambers revealed.
"We admire the work that she has done over the years and the impact on so many lives, which underscores the reason we decided to give her this award. Shirley and V.T. Williams have done a lot throughout the years through music and philanthropy and we celebrate their contributions with this award," she continued.
Some 27 persons, including groups received awards in 10 different categories as the organisers highlighted the work of persons within the Christian faith who have done well in their respective ministries.
This is the first year of the Praise Award. The organisers normally host a two-day gospel concert at Dump-Up Beach in Montego Bay. This year's staging ran from April 18-19.
Positive impact
"This is our first annual Praise Award ceremony and we wanted to recognise some of the persons who continue to have a positive impact on the lives of many and who have made significant contributions to the Christian movement.
"Religion is a part of the fabric of who we are as a people and we celebrated the year of jubilee. This award section is also celebrating Jamaica 50 and those who have made a difference," Reverend Chambers added.
Jamaica Praise Fest, which has seen the likes of Donnie McClurkin, had to be postponed last year following the passage of Hurricane Sandy that affected Jamaica and the Tri-State Area in the United States of America.
This setback did not dampen the spirit of the organisers who rescheduled the event for April of this year, which was headlined by Caesar.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

{NEW MUSIC} Na You - P.V Idemudia

Pv Idemudia is a gifted singer, song writer and music producer. For him, music came very early as he was made the leader of the Children Choir in his church at age 7. He led the Choir to a major church program where their ministration kept everyone on their feet with amazement expressed on the faces of the audience. When asked what music is to him, he said enthusiastically “music is my life”. Although Pv Idemudia is new to a lot of people, he has been doing music for a long time. He is popularly recognized as the first artist to do the hip hop version of the popular song “Agidigba”. The success of the song showed him a glimpse of stardom. Without media promotions, the song was 
able to scale across the nation through the strategy he refers to as “Bluetooth Promo”.

Today, Pv Idemudia is leading the music industry in a new direction – proudly putting gospel music in its rightful place. According to him, “we entertain everyone with good gospel music and in the midst of the entertainment, a righteous seed is sown. We through music remind people that their success is not by their power and strategically place God on their hearts.” He further explained that “the power of music has been misused and it’s time to use it aright. A lot of gospel artist do music for the church, but i sing for the street because the difference between my songs and circular songs is the message passed; same energy, same groove, same lyrical fun, same quality, greater/better effect”.
Here is Pv Idemudia’s brand new single titled “Na You”.


Meet Choice aka Toju Aj Edema, born on the 20th of August in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Choice started singing and rapping from home listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Kris Kross, Mc Hammer, Naughty by Nature, Boys 2 Men and Fresh Prince of Bell Air aka Will Smith. Choice joined the choir at the age of seven and went on to win social night music contests in his junior secondary school. He also was in his school choir in his senior secondary school and afterwards in his church. He was also a member of a crew called the “6th Sense” in the University of Port Harcourt where he got his first degree in Electrical Electronics. Choice has worked with artists like Samsong, Casey Ed(GloNaijasings winner 2010), BOUQUI, Protek, Mr Phelix, Mike Abdul of “Mid Night Crew”, 565 and Toofit.
Choice is a phenomenal Rap Artist and Singer that you want to put on replay or on ur special playlist on any of your media devices. He is also the host of a Youth Tv show titled REVERBERATION showing on LoveworldPlus satellite Tv. Choice is currently working on his album titled “Choice is a Weapon” and this is a single off it titled “SHAYO”. Any Gospel music freak will frown at the first sight of the title of this song but trust me. It has the whole Kingdom flavor all over it. The creativity at which he delivers the message in the song is WOW!!! Enjoy and Be Blessed.
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