Monday, 22 April 2013

Meet with "Cre8tive Music"

"The Cre8tives" as a Musical group was formed in the year 2008 by
Goodnews Rappers Dip-Ace (David Ichuku Patrick) and Lu-cid (Joseph Salubi), And they have since been making great songs for the Church, then in 2011 they made their first ever professional song "Yesu Na'' which featured one of Kaduna's best voices "Minicent". Then in 2012, The Cre8tives evolved into a Record Company "Cre8tive Music" with Both rappers as signed artists. And their songs continued to get acceptance by both; The Christian Brethren and The World, coupled with the fact that their vision is to see the Gospel Preached not only to The church folks but to those outside also, cos the Goodnews isn't for believers only, but to all Mankind. Two years after "Yesu Na" release, they got involved in lot of Underground Works, which in the early days of 2013, yielded up a beautiful song "Solomon". Being their second song to hit the mainstream, Solomon was Released on January 4th and it featured yet another gifted artist "Joshua Davids (Hysteria)". This song has boosted their public acceptance Home and Abroad. Solomon has topped both Christian and secular charts. While Solomon is still a Melody in the heart of many "Young and Old",and on 1st of April  the company decided to drop another song "Muno De". Follow em on Twitter @iCre8_Muzik.

Download their songs below.

Be Blessed.

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