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{Music} JOStified by Gaebry-L

Just as Lagos has got "Lagos Party", Port Harcourt, "Port Harcourt first son" and other, three of J-City's rising stars Gaebry-L (@gaebry_l), Mista Keith and Jaff Pee have come up with this sensational anthem for Jos titled "JOStified". If you are JOStified and you aren't got this song yet, you are missing something 'cos I'M JOSTIFIED!!!!!

{NEW MUSIC} "Take me Home" by Gameman ft. Soul

The track "Take Me Home" by GameMan BeatzJockey featuring SOUL is the first official single from the forth coming Beyond Words Album. Here GameMan BeatzJockey performs the duties of a Rapper and Producer. This track is blend of Hip-Hop beat and Ragga flavor.
Mixed and mastered by Okey Sokay

This song talks about the 'prodigal son' experience. Moments when we find ourselves lost, distracted, down and out or lacking the strength to move on. Then we can simply cry out to our Lord and King; and He'll be sure to come to our rescue.

A song everyone can relate with, stating clearly that in CHRIST is home. Speaks the heart of a people with the desire to die to flesh and live by the spirit. (Rom 8)

Enjoy this master piece, BEYOND WORDS ALBUM nears completion.
Watch Out

Olumide Akindele Okesanjo, A.K.A (GameMan 'GAMIE' BeatzJockey), Rap artist, music producer and Director. Born and raised in Lagos state, attended St Michael’s Model school for primary education, Abesan High School for secondary and Lagos state university (LASU) where he obtained a B.Sc degree in Computer Science.
Started out as a drummer in a local church, then singer in a group called Peculiar Treasure. Broke out of the music group to pursue his music career not as a drummer, singer, but as a rapper. This was due to heavy exposure to all kinds of music genres which he then used to create for himself a unique style and identity.

Inspired by life, environment, society, and all that’s available through God. A quick listen to his songs gives an idea of his personality and convictions. Very practical; his music is known to take the listener on a journey. It’s a perfect blend of key musical elements. He’s got a unique voice texture, intelligent techniques used for delivery and superb clarity that makes you hear every word.

GameMan BeatzJockey is known for his multi-tasking abilities. A personality with unique sense of leadership. He is Chief of the E.C.H.O Cypher project where he teams up with Mr Xi CEO (E.C.H.O) to set up the E.C.H.O Cypher platform. On the platform he performs the task of a director, music producer and Rapper.

Featured on songs with top artists and producer like FLO (God rest ye merry gentlemen & Yahweh), Midnite Crew (E gimme money), Bouqui (Church Boy swag), just to mention a few. Presently working on his album titled ‘Beyond Words’, and recently released the much awaited ‘RiverSide EP’ a 6 track EP and a bonus track titled Cruci-FIX. All tracks free for download(s) on the websites listed below.

Enjoy the music.

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facebook page:


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Israel Houghton Produces Film: “I’m In Love With A Church Girl”

Reverence Gospel Media, a new production company in Hollywood announced their first feature film, “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” will open domestically on October 18, 2013 and will follow with an international release.  GRAMMY Award Winning Gospel star Israel Houghton serves as producer and contributed to the film’s soundtrack.  The film stars JA Rule as a successful entrepreneur haunted by a criminal past surrounded by old friends who still behave in that former life and finds inspiration through Adrienne Bailon.  Israel states, “We feel extraordinarily blessed to have been able to make this movie and can’t wait to see the impact it has on people’s lives, this is completely unlike any ‘faith-based’ movie anyone has ever seen. The characters face believable situations with real faith in a real God.”  Pastor Donnie McClurkin is lending his voice to the film and says, “I’ve seen this movie, and am both moved and inspired by the story, the characters, and the quality of both movie and music, This is not what people have come to expect from Christian films, and I know it will resonate deeply with viewers – even those who would never have gone anywhere near a movie that touches on the subject of faith.”  The movie will be distributed in the United States by High Top Releasing.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lecrae Responds to Accusation of Illuminati Ties and talks on confession video

Ebony Magazine recently had a chat with popular Christian hip hop artiste Lecrae. He talked about the message behind the music, those persistent Jay-Z rumors, and the pressure of fame and faith.

EBONY: First, loved your latest album, especially the title track, “Gravity.” You’re rapping about “a place where there’s no gravity” – I take that to mean a place free from sin. But what does that mean to you?

Lecrae: “Gravity” really represents the falleness of this world and the weight and heaviness of it all. And no matter how much power, pleasure, or possession you can acquire, there’s still that weight. You can be the richest person in the world, it’s not going to stop your mother from passing away. Pleasure is just this endless chase. [I'm] just saying that we all want to be free from the gravity, everyone is looking for that and [with this album] I just tried to give some dialogue about what it looks like, to be free from the weight of this world.

E: On your song “Co-sign,” it sounds like you’re saying you don’t necessarily want to be considered a Christian rapper anymore but just a rapper who’s a Christian. When did that change come about? Do you see it as a change?

Lecrae: Yeah, you know, as I’ve gotten a little more acknowledgement in mainstream music, one of the things I’ve noticed is that there are so many stigmas attached to names. And I think my music comes with a message that I want everybody to hear and I don’t want a stigma to keep a person from hearing the message. I will obviously never deny being a Christian, that’s my faith, my identity. But I don’t want my music to be categorized with a presupposition. So sometimes people hear a term and they say, “Aw. I don’t like it.” Before they even give the music a chance. My big thing is just getting rid of all of the presuppositions so people can just sit with the music and allow it to speak to them.

E: It can seem for Christians who are not new to the faith that everyone’s goal, whether it’s musicians, artists, preachers, it’s to reach out to those outside the faith and find ways to do that that won’t turn people outside the faith off and those who are a little farther along can sometimes be left out of that. Do you consider your main goal to reach new people and bring them to the faith?

Lecrae: No, no, no. If you’re swimming in the deep end of the spiritual pool, so to speak, you’re farther along in your faith, I think the music is still very rich. There are a lot of parables in there, a lot of depth that you would have to come through to really grasp the message. [You may hear] cliché terms like, “Don’t live for this world.” They’re cliché terms but when you start unpacking that and what that looks like in song and story, I think that really helps a more mature believer say, “Man, that’s deep. That’s enriching and fulfilling.”

E: There was a little bit of controversy surrounding your “Confessions of a Millionaire” video. People were saying they saw Illuminati signs in the video. Were you aware of 
that? What’s your response when people say things like that?
Lecrae: It gets to a point where, anything that is not just blatant, if there’s any kind of symbolism, it just gets equated as negative or it’s demonized. The Bible uses plenty of symbols so I think symbolism is not bad. There are symbols all throughout the video. There’s a wolf, which symbolizes the predatory nature of us (humans), we just want and want and want and hunger. There’s color schemes where one young lady is wearing green to show the pursuit of wealth and there’s a deer head in there because it’s a wealthy party because if you go to any wealthy person’s house, they’re showing off their accomplishments. So it’s really just a lot of that kind of symbolism. None of it was intended for evil.

E: So how do you deal with that, when you’re trying to be in a positive space and you have people – even Christians—who are coming and attacking you for stuff like that or just for doing hip hop, in general, how do you stay grounded in your faith and stay above that fray?

Lecrae: I try to pay more attention more to the positive aspects of what the music is doing. There’ve been some professional athletes who have publicly spoken about how that song has inspired and challenged them and so those type of things encourage me. And then on top of that, I know that people don’t really know me so all they can do is kind of assume my motive and assume what’s happening, so I don’t take it to heart. They don’t really know me so I can’t get that flustered and hopefully if they got to sit down and have a conversation with me they’d say, “Oh, O.K. I get it.” And then we’d move on.

E: There’s also a rumor that Jay-Z is trying to sign you. Is that true?

Lecrae: [Laughs] At this point in time, no. Essentially, he was looking for some conscious artists and my name was thrown into a pool of other artists and that’s as far as it went.

E: Is that something that you would consider?

Lecrae: Nah. For multiple reasons, but one majorly, I’m an independent artist, I’m a label owner. I love my independence. I love being able to create the story. And I want to do in many ways what Jay-Z is doing for the mainstream. He’s inspiring a lot of people to think they can do something on their own. I want to inspire people that they can do it on their own and not compromise their faith and beliefs, as well. So, that’s what I stand for.

E: Before joining the faith, you had a lot of hardships—a near-arrest, a terrible car accident, some near-death moments—that literally brought you to your come-to-Jesus moment. Since becoming a Christian, have you faced anything else that made you reconsider your decision to follow Christ?

Lecrae: I can’t think of one single event, but I do know that the Christian faith is one that has to be tried and tested consistently. The Bible talks about making your “calling and election sure.” And so I think you just have to ask those questions: Do I really believe this? Am I really serious about this? To prod and probe to see where you really stand. Hopefully you always end up with that firm foundation. So I think that’s healthy. I’ve had some circumstances and experiences that have been tough, but those trials and those tests on the other side of them have always produced a stronger faith.

The most recent [hardship] I can think of is criticism. You influence 10 people, you’ve got one critic; you influence 100 people, you’ve got 10 critics, and so on and so forth. And so that comes with a lot of assumptions, a lot of rumors, a lot of people involved in aspects of your life and you’re just like “What? This has nothing to do with my music.” And so in those circumstances you wonder, “Man, is it really worth it? What’s the point? But when you have good community like I have, close people who encourage you to keep going so that when you make it to the other side of that [hardship] and get a sober perspective, you say, “It’s worth it.” And, “God is real. He’s here for me.”

{ARTICLE} CeCe Winans Advises About Raising Godly Children

CeCe Winans, the 48-year-old gospel music singer, recently revealed how she raises Godly teenagers.
In a piece that she wrote for, Winans acknowledged that raising a generation of teenagers in today’s world full of temptation and worldly messages can be challenging. However, the gospel music star outlined four things that parents and community members can do to keep teenagers on the right path.
Winans called for parents and members in the church community to talk to children, pray over them, set rules and encourage them. The gospel music singer outlined practical ways to put each step into practice while giving examples about how she does each one with her own children.
“Don’t be afraid to approach them about every aspect of their day. If you sense something is wrong, ask questions-lots of them,” Winans wrote on about talking to children. “My children know I plan to ‘stay in their business.’ I make sure they understand that it’s my love for them that compels me to be involved.”
The singer gave a scriptural reference and example about why praying for children is important.
“James 5:16 tells us, ‘The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.’ I have no doubt their earnest prayers played a powerful role in my life,” Winans revealed. “Today, I find myself doing the same thing on behalf of my family….it’s one of the most valuable gifts I can ever give my children.

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{WRITE UP} "Chronicles of a Misfit" by J.Clone

This is the idea, I have always hated being 'trapped in the closet' by certain rules. I grew with the desire to explore and find out new things about myself, people around me, my environment. I learnt some really nasty things that Grace had to help me unlearn and I thank God for its restorative power. Came from an orthodox background and many a times I've answered the question "How do you manage to do hip hop under such system?" but more so, I grew with an innate love for music (especially rap music) and I have had challenges with my style and the church which has only helped me discover more interesting things about myself and the gift God has given me.
Like a newly-hatched chick starts learning to adapt to the change of weather, environment and the 'stress' of life in a new world, smoldered by the joy of being free and learning new things, I found joy in knowing that my new birth was sealed by something greater, even I myself don't fully understand, same way the chicks get themselves imprinted to the mother hen after hatching and begins to learn some behavioural traits from its parent. (IMPRINTING simply means to fix indelibly or permanently). DISCOVERY COULD BE PAINFUL, AND DEMANDING BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL. 

I could have (like several other youngsters) had enough reasons to scrap-off my song books and probably focus on playing the drums (which I do most Sundays when there are no other options....lollll) but I found strength when I was most weak and some of my favourite songs came from such experiences. Whenever I'm privileged to talk to young dudes like me, I always like to tell them not to allow anything shoot them down or let them remain in their shells, not even the fear of surviving in a new world. Cause here, our survival is not a question of adaptation but of Grace. God allows us to be stretched sometimes but by His grace (Knowing our elastic limit, as the bible says he cannot put us in situations we cannot handle) the end product is a 'refined gold'. So in your uniqueness, find joy. Love to discover and create. Pray for the people around you especially those that don't like what you do and let God have His way. 

FF @jclonee

Winner's of the 2013 Crystal Gospel Awards

Nigeria Christian Music's Biggest Night "The Crystal Awards" went down on the 21st of June 2013 at the illustrious Shell Hall, Muson Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. Here is a full list of the winners in each category.

Best Male Vocalist: Segun Obe

Best Female Vocalist: Onos

Best Praise Song: Ekelebe – Tim Godfrey

Best Worship Song: Oghene Do – Frank Edwards

Best Group/duo – Midnight Crew

Best Traditional Gospel – Solomon Lange

Best Producer – Wole Oni

Best Rap / Hip pop – Pastor J

Best Choir – COZA Choir (Avalanche)

Album of The Year – The Statement (Sammie Okposo)

Best New Artiste - Gaise

Best Reggae – Righteousman

Best On-Air Personality – Sabina Umoren

Best Male Artiste in the Diaspora – David Adesokan (U.S.A)

Best Female Artiste in the Diaspora – Funke Akinokun (U.A.E)

Best Rock – Eben

Artiste Of The Year – Sammie Okposo

Song of the Year: Ogehene Do – Frank Edwards

Best Video Of The Year – Woruno by Anny

Best Director Of The Year – Akin Alabi

Best Instrumental Album – Segun Oluwayomi

Best Collaboration – Sokutoyoyo feat. Henrisoul – BOUQUI

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God Bless.

{SPOKEN WORDS} "About Secular Music" by Spokesman

I ran into this piece of Spoken words by One of God's young generals of our time by name "Mr Jerry Aluwong" known as (SpokesMan). He has been a source of blessings to youths in His generation and am too sure this would bless you.
Thanks to you guys can go check this mobile site you sure would get blessed with awesome music downloads.
Now here is some Spoken words about Secular Music by "Spokesman" at a youth gathering


{NEWS} Bishop William Murphy Arrested For Gun Possession

 Just some days back we brought you the news of Pastor Willaim Murphy been consecrated has Bishop and here we've got a very different new on Bishop Murphy.

Atlanta bishop and well known gospel singer Pastor William Henry Murphy III was last Wednesday afternoon arrested for allegedly attempting to board an aircraft with a loaded gun.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports there was a 9 mm hand gun loaded with 10 rounds in Murphy’s carry-on bag when he arrived at the main security check point at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Although Murphy is licensed to carry a gun, as required by law, TSA contacted local authorities and the “Praise Is What I Do” singer was arrested because they say loaded 
guns are not permitted on aircrafts and passengers must must declare their 
weapon before taking flight.

The ‘Praise Is What I Do’ crooner Murphy, Pastor of Dream Center Church could face jail time and penalties of up to $7500. Wearing a t-shirt with the words “I heart my church” on it, on Thursday he was charged with possession of a weapon unauthorized in a Clayton County Court with bond set at $2500. The incident comes just days after Murphy was ordained a Bishop.

Murphy reportedly said he forgot the gun was in the bag. He is the forty-seventh person this year accused of carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location.

Passengers attempting to board planes with weapons has increased.

During the month of May TSA Officers confiscated a record 65 guns in carry-on bags at U.S. airports, including 54 that were loaded, the TSA says. Of the firearms that were loaded, 19 had bullets in the chamber.

According to the church’s Facebook page, Murphy had just been consecrated from pastor to bishop on Monday.


A fast risng music minister, born in the heart of Jos city, a city which
 has produced so many acts, Gabriel Pam, best known as Gaebry-L is a
singer, song writer and composer and a lover of God. Gaebry-L who
started with the music group "Brethren of the Promise Land" is an R n B
singer and loves what he is doing. A graduate of Chemical Petroleum
Technology from the University of Jos is fast emerging as a force to
recokn with in the gospel music industry. Once nominated as
J-City's most improved artist of the year 2010-Innocent Mindz Award and
one of the voices behind the song that has become J-City's anthem
"JOSTIFIED", Gaebry-L is out with a new single "WALKIYA(Shining)". 
This song is definately a must have.


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{ARTICLE} Jesus Hates Your Suffering

Romans 8:28 is one of the most helpful and hurtful scriptures in the Bible. It says:
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
This verse encourages us so much. It reminds that God uses everything – every joy and sorrow, every pleasure and pain, every breeze and backache – for our good and his glory. Nothing is outside of his good, sovereign plan for our lives.
But at times Satan twists this verse and uses it to convince us that Jesus likes it when we suffer. We adopt a defeatist, grin and bear it, suck it up, Eeyore, “I guess this suffering is good for me”, attitude. We start to believe that, in some way, Jesus likes it when we suffer. We know that he uses suffering for our good and for his purposes, but then we take it one step further and start to believe that because suffering is for our good, Jesus must somehow enjoy inflicting it upon us.
The idea that Jesus likes your suffering is a lie from the pit of the Hell. It is a Satanic, demonic, horrendous lie. It is a lie that must be crushed and obliterated by the Word of God.
Jesus does not like your suffering, he hates it. He despises it. When Jesus encountered death and suffering, he was not flippant about it, he was grieved by it. When Jesus’ friend Lazarus died, he went to meet Lazarus’ sisters, Mary and Martha.
Now when Mary came to where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet, saying to him, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled. And he said, “Where have you laid him?” They said to him, “Lord, come and see.” Jesus wept. (John 11:32-35)
When Jesus saw the depths of Mary’s sorrow, he was “greatly troubled”. The Greek behind these words carries a flavor of anger and rage. When Jesus saw the destruction and carnage that sin and Satan had brought into the world, he was furious. When he saw the grief that swallowed up Mary and Martha he was enraged. Jesus came into the world to destroy the works of sin and Satan. When he witnessed the suffering that sin and Satan had brought into the world he was furious. There was a holy anger that bloomed within him.
Jesus hates suffering. Death and suffering were never part of God’s original, good creation. They are the result of sin and Satan. Jesus hates your suffering. He hates the fact that you suffer migraine headaches. He hates that you feel like an outcast and loner. It makes him furious that you were sexually assaulted. It makes him sick that you are bullied and mistreated. Jesus hates the work of sin and Satan. Jesus hates your suffering.
When you suffer, run to Jesus. He too experienced pain, rejection, sorrow, grief, and temptation. Because Jesus suffered, he knows exactly how to comfort, strengthen, encourage, and even deliver you. Because he hates your suffering, he longs to comfort, strengthen, encourage, and even deliver you. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief – exactly the kind of person who can sympathize with you in your suffering.
Suffering will not always carry the day. Someday soon, Jesus will return – the victor, the conqueror, the death-destroyer. He will crush Satan underneath his foot. He will destroy all sin and sorrow and suffering. He will pour out his furious rage on Satan and cast him into the Lake of Fire. And he will make all things new.
Don’t for one second believe the lie that Jesus like your suffering. He hates it, and he wants to do something about. Let him help you now, and look forward to the day when he will destroy suffering forever.

Stephen Altrogge serves as pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, PA. Stephen is author of the books Game Day For the Glory of God: A Guide For Athletes, Fans, and Wanabes and The Greener Grass Conspiracy: Finding Contentment on Your Side of the Fence. Stephen blogs at The Blazing Center.

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{NEWS} William Murphy Elevated to the Office Of Bishop

We congratulates RCA Inspiration recording artist Pastor William Murphy on his elevation to the office of Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International.  Bishop Murphy was consecrated on June 17th by Bishop Paul S. Morton, presiding prelate of FGBCF. 

{NEWS} Kirk Franklin confirms presence at Adom Praiz 2013

Organisers of the 2013 edition of Ghana’s biggest gospel show, Adom Praiz, are confident that their star attraction for the night, Kirk Franklin, will make a huge splash following confirmation of his presence at the event.

The award winning American gospel musician, choir director and author is set to headline Adom Praiz 2013, to be held on Saturday August 3, at the Perez Dome, formerly Word Miracle Chapel, Dzorwulu junction in Accra.

The multiple Grammy Award winner, known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew (1NC), confirmed he will be performing at the concert on his website,

He will be backed by an 11 man band. The cream of Ghanaian gospel artistes are also billed to perform on the night to complement his unique brand and keep gospel lovers dancing the night away.

Kirk Franklin is the latest high profile foreign artiste to feature on the award winning yearly Adom Praiz, after earlier performances by Cece Winans and Ron Kenoly.

Organizers of the concert plan to eschew the ‘normal Ghana Made Time’ of starting events late, insisting the first artiste will start ministering on the stroke of 6:30pm.

For nearly two decades now, Kirk Franklin has been a multi-platinum-selling purveyor of majestic fusions of gospel and contemporary music.

He is a pioneer in gap-bridging musicianship, uniting audiences across gospel, hip hop, pop and R&B. His irresistible rhythms and rhapsodies have resulted in albums that consistently top both Billboard’s Gospel and Christian charts, as well as ascend triumphantly into the Top 10 of the R&B/Hip Hop chart.

He is also the New York Times bestseller author for The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storms (Gotham/Penguin) as well as the host and executive producer of the gospel talent show “Sunday Best,” the highest-rated gospel program in BET network history now heading into its fourth season.

To date, the musical trendsetter has garnered nine GRAMMY® Awards; an American Music Award; 39 Stellar Awards (gospel); 16 Dove Awards (CCM); eight NAACP Image Awards; two BET Music Awards, a Soul Train Award and numerous others.

The organizers of Adom Praiz 2013 have promised to provide a musical feast. Judging from the careful planning and the long running screening process for Ghanaian gospel artistes to complement Kirk Franklin, Saturday August 3, 2013 is a date worth marking in your event calendar.


Osasuyi  Esosa, better known  by her stage name Liora, hails from Edo State, NIGERIA . Born in Jos and grew up in different parts of Nigeria, thus her multi – cultural talent. As the 6th child of the family, she began her musical journey from the children’s choir at the age of 5.

Liora joined a fellowship (NIFES) while studying at Enugu State University of Science & Technology, . As a member of inspiration – NIFES, she had the opportunity of taking lead roles and as such was very instrumental in the release of the group’s first Album “HE IS MY GOD”, most of the songs including “HE IS MY GOD”, the Album Title was written by Liora and Pastor Steve Okeke which was produced by Oke Oku and Nuel Jo. 

She alongside others like Ify, Nkechi, Gloria, Lewa formed a group called the Royal Connection.                                                                                                       
 In March 2008, Liora decided to launch her solo – album titled “Virtue” with hit single “Kelechukwu” and several others. Liora is an inspirational songwriter and performer who inspire those who listen to her. She has performed alongside Cobhams, Wole Oni (producer of Midnight Crew), Victor Atenaga and others.

Liora is also a two time winner of the Prestigious South South Music Awards, winning the award for Best Gospel Female Artiste 2010 and also Best Gospel Artiste 2012 respectively.

In her Philanthropic gesture, She is the C.E.O of Miragold International. A non-governmental organization that caters for the needy and less privileged in the society.

She is presently working on her new album entitled "Virtue Reloaded" which “promises to be an even bigger blast as it features world class Gospel Ministers among them is World Renowned Pianist Adlan Cruz. The single is expected to be released later this year. Watch this space. 
Here are two of her Singles.


{NEW MUSIC} "ECHETA" by Groovement Minis3

Its the 2nd week, GameMan, Okey Sokay, O’Joe, Soul, Wallz & Other members of the group GROOVEMENT MINIS3 promised to drop new singles each week for the next 8weeks.
Here’s another smash hit, a classic fusion. A blend of the Nigerian RAP flows. Produced, mixed and mastered by Okey Sokay. O’joe on the hook while GameMan handles the RAP bars. Enjoy this (Village Music)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


From an unknown geographical location evolves an artistic icon by the government name  "Haye Frama" but artistically known as "Hayne".He hails from Guyuk, Adamawa state of Nigeria,but a lyrical product of the home of hip hop in Nigeria,Jos"jay town"He is a graduate of the department of architecture,ABU Zaria, But also a lyrical ambassador to planet earth  representing his government of heaven. He had been a writer and singer, but later started rapping in high school after hearing and miming a kanye west's song. That moment marked the birth of a rapper in hayne.he was a fan of kanye west,jay-z,talib kweli,nas,tupac,bob,twista and drake not until he descovered gospel hip hop. He was president of Timless- tongues,a rap crew under the ATC Club, Zaria, and was also an artiste of CANARY Records in Jos.

His itching quest 4 God came once upon a time after high school. He juggled and struggled between being a gospel or secular artiste not until he had an encounter with God in his first year in ABU where he found conviction and purpose. Since then he has moved with passion,unashamed to use his lyrical skill as a tool to nourish lives with good music and point them back to God. He is now a big fan of artistes like: lecrae,da truth,Andy mineo,Tedashii,victory,Swoope,Trip lee,kb,Deitrick,Spokesman nd Mali amongst others. He's been a recording artiste for 10yrs now. He has had the opportunity of working with canary crew artistes: khanisma,Sane and Jo whiz,and also worked with  several producers,namely: Sizzle pro,yackzy,monlee,Nesta,Blackfist(of threadstone) and the lots. Some other artistes he's worked with are: Storm,Jclone,Ephy,Neon,Noble amongst others., hayne is also a co-architect with da architect of the universe....

Here's what he's got to say about ANSWERS from PLANET WEIRDO ENT...

I know a thing or two about rejection,frustration and the feeling of being left out of the bubbling world. That feeling of pain,regret,anger,unforgiveness and self-pity. Have you ever watched a friend,family,husband,wife or the most good people you've ever known killed by wicked people?
That feeling of segregation,apartheid and racism? Believe me,I have fallen into the valley of indecision,confusion and disarray,that black hole where there's loneliness and fear. I don't always get it right,I fail sometimes. The church criticised/excommunicated us,the world threw stones at us. I've been through a lot of testing, and I couldn't find nobody. I took a flight to Planet Weirdo where I found ANSWERS.I found hope and peace, answers to my hearts prayers. Yeah!the world calls us weirdos,but they ain't got the answers, we do! God answers the prayers of his children, but according to his will. So don't let your sin hinder you,come to his throne boldly with your problems. He always gives an answer when you call. Luv you alll!!
Enjoy the music....

Ff hayne on twitter @itshayne



"DIS IS SERIOUS" is the latest from fast rising gospel artist Jared who has been a blessing to thousand of souls with his first official single "Mr President" which was released last year. He has on this track EmmyKokz, a great rapper of our time, we've heard his stunning and artistic style of rapping in "Winner's Anthem" a song by renowned gospel rapper J.clone.

Let's hear what they have to say about "Dis is serious". All I can tell you is put on your dancing shoes and get ready to laugh and praise God all together cos they brought it out another style.

Emmykokz and Jared, contemporary gospel ministers, eclectic in style and approach. We have refused to sit down and watch the "gist" of salvation taken with levity especially by the younger generation. We are the new breed, a new reflection, calling you to enjoy this tone, melody, rhythm, and style seriously. It is a "serious matter". Song is produced by a fast raising music producer based in Abuja '2BLAZEMUZIK'. 

FF @emmykokz and @jareddaniel10

God Bless

{New Music} Jehovah Effizzy by TMAX

Once again we have fast rising gospel sensation TMax with this one he calls "Jehovah Effizzy". We posted a work of his sometimes back "The blood Experience" which was a rock feel music and we got a number of view on the post. Now here he is with "Jehovah Effizzy" this time he decided to take it dance hall way.
Download, listen, dance and be blessed.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kirk Franklin gets his own reality show on BET!

BET has announced a new slate of unscripted series that executives say will showcase stories of revival, redemption and second chances.

Gospel star Kirk Franklin will host the musical competition series “Gone Gospel,” which will take familiar artists and put them through a “gospel boot camp” to renew their lives and careers.

The description of the show indicates that the network is focused on providing a more positive spin on African American life than shows such as “Love & Hip Hop” and “Basketball Wives” on VH1, which critics say have featured conflicts and bad behavior among its participants.

Among the new BET shows are “Back to Me with Jeanette Jenkins” featuring trainer-to-the-stars Jeanette Jenkins as she “reshapes the lives and bodies of everyday people with her holistic approach to healthy living.”

The show is the first unscripted series from the husband-and-wife creative team of Salim and Mara Brock Akil, the producers of BET’s “The Game” and the upcoming “Being Mary Jane.” The couple has an exclusive development deal with BET.

“Hip Hop Sisters” will star veteran female MCs Lady of Rage, MC Lyte, Yo Yo, Smooth, Monie Love and Lil Mama as they join together to “reclaim the Hip Hop Throne and in the process find their next protege.”

The fourth pilot, “Internal Affairs,” “takes a stark look at police officers investigating some of their own.”

{New Music} "KING MIDAS" by DEO

Brand new music from King Midas. This guy is a super smooth Emcee, lyrically dapper and i bet you want to listen to this “Golden touch”

This jam is another creation from DEO, the slim Adamawa state born rapper cum pastor is arguably amongst the best hook masters around. He has laced verses on several tracks including Ikan’s “broken record” and is currently a member of IHN. I was gripped by the story behind the song, it felt like comfort wrapped in free flowing rap, smooth enough to compete with a baby’s skin.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

{New Music} GrooveMent Minis3 presents "OLORIRE"

GameMan, O’Joe, Okey Sokay, Wallz, Soul, and other musical giants join forces to present the Entertainment body called GrooveMent Minis3. The team drops their first single today and it is titled “Olorire”. Also expect a single from each member of the group for the next 8weeks.

"Peggy Otis" drops 3 tracks {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Peggy Chioma Otis is a Nigerian American Gospel Recording Artist based in Maryland, USA. She recently released her first ever EP to critical acclaim. Gospel Fuji crooner, Mike Abdul featured on one of the tracks, Sacrifice of Praise, produced by FLO.

Peggy has a great heart for worship, and a contagious spirit in worship. I am always blessed by her music but more importantly, by her heart”  ~~   Pastor Dale O’shields (Church of the Redeemer Gaithersburg MD, USA)

”Peggy is not just talented, she is anointed and that is why you feel and touch God when she sings ” ~ Pastor Elekima Ekine (Christ Chapel International Churches Ibadan)

Peggy Chioma Otis is the fourth child of a family of six children born to Mr. and Mrs. F.C Eluwa. Her father hails from Abia state and her mother from Delta state in Nigeria.
Peggy obtained her Primary, Secondary and University Education at the University of Ibadan Nigeria, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She is also an Oracle Certified Professional (DBA).

As a result of her exposure to different languages, Peggy is very fluent in Igbo, Yoruba, Nigerian pidgin and English language.

Peggy has been singing for over two decades. Her talent was first discovered in Scripture Pasture Christian Center Ibadan (SPCC) by Brother Isi Agboaye, the drama team director who casted her to sing the solo part in a stage play at the historic Cultural Center Ibadan in 1988. At such a young age, Peggy commanded the huge stage and gave people chills as she sang without a microphone! Since then, she has not looked back as she has sung solos at several church concerts.

Peggy was the music director and worship leader at the Christ Chapel International Churches Ibadan for six years under the leadership of her Ibadan home Pastors Rev. Elekima and Rev Dr. Mrs. Funke Ekine and the senior pastors, Rev. Dr. Chris and Rev. Mrs. Ebun Joda. She left Nigeria for the United States of America in 1998.

Her musical talent and gift has followed her everywhere she goes. In her home church in the US, Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg Maryland, she has served as a choir member, worship leader, the adult and youth choir director under the leadership of her senior Pastors – Pastor Dale and Mrs. Terry O’shields. She was also featured as one of the soloist in her church choir Album “Lift him high” in which she sang track 11 “Just Look”.
After several years of singing and leading in songs, Peggy is led to spread her wings and be a blessing as she shares her gift of singing with the world in her first ever CD “I will testify” .
 This is a very exciting time for her because it is a dream come true to be a blessing to the body of Christ all over the world. Her deep love for the Almighty God, her Lord Jesus and the sweet Holy Spirit cannot go unnoticed as she is unashamedly in love with Jesus!

Peggy currently resides in Maryland US with her husband Ndy Otis and their three lovely children.

{Music Premier} "SoldOut" by Josh Truth

“I’m just a dude made 4 true worship” In Josh Truth's words... so just Josh Truth believes...and expresses his faith in his music, he released his first single titled “sold out” featuring feema on the 19th of may,2013. He raps about himself being completely sold out to God. The song also describes the kind of God his sold out to, even if we can’t fully comprehend or describe his entirety. He describes being sold out as the least he could do to repay the gift of True Salvation. His a 300 level student of FUT Minna and currently studying Computer Engineering. He believes gospel hip hop is not just about entertainment, but has to do a lot with the message being passed across.

Joshua Oche Agbo a.k.a Josh Truth is a 300 level student of the department of computer engineering FUT Minna. He is from Benue state, Nigeria and resides in Makurdi. His greatest influences in music includes Trip Lee, Lecrea, da Truth, Alex faith, Flame, Shai linne, Json among other top gospel rappers. He changed from listening to secular music after listening to songs by 116 clique….

Here is SoldOut download, listen, share and be Blessed.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

{NEW MUSIC} "TESTIFY" by Obiora Obiwon (ft Mike Abdul)

The question making rounds around Social Media circles lately has been “Where is Obiwon?”. Finally, it gets an answer on the 9th of June 2013, the 36th birthday of the r’n’b-singer-turned-urban-gospel-minister, Obiora Obiwon.

In response to enthusiasts and lovers of his music, Obiwon returns as recording artiste with a techno-infused HipHop song entitled “Testify”. On the song he elicits the help of gospel music elite, Mike Abdul of the Midnight Crew, who adds a fuji-flavoured cameo to the already infectious groove. On the production, Obiora continues to synergize with Phat-E – credited with “Obi Mu O” the original version and the remix and the inspirational “F.a.t.h.e.r 2.0” single. The result is an undeniable jam filled with zest and celebration over strongly spirited but yet simple faith-based lyrics.

Obiwon who announced a full-time gospel music ministry five years ago in 2008 has steadily impacted the gospel music and Christian events scene nationwide with his “The Rebirth Band” and continues to play roles in the wedding events scene, roles not often showcased in mainstream media.

Expect to hear much more from Obiwon in coming weeks and months as he finalizes a long overdue third album.

Follow Obiwon on Twitter @ObioraObiwon

Now, here is Obiwon with this new joint titled “Testify”. Enjoy



Dvyne expresses his gratitude to God and bragging rights in Christ with his smooth R&B delivery, he has been able to cut across different classes of listeners With is first single THAT KIND GUY produced by MASTERKRAFT. 
He was nominated at the National Gospel Award, YEMA (young entertainment and music awards), also won the nomination on the "ANGELS OF MELODY" USA. Won the song of the week on Praiseworldradio, fresh out song of the week on REELRADIO, the single was also hosted on the AFROFEST  mixtape SA in 2012..... 
Dvyne has been privileged to work with or along side some like minded gospel acts like, TIMGODFREY, THREADSTONE, GA2R, KBG (NYALI MUSIK MALAWI) to mention just a few... Through his music zeal Dvyne has also been opportune to meet one on one with the likes of BYRON CAGE and also MARTHA MUNIZZI.

Here is another single: DOUBLE produced by MASTERKRAFT.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Hezekiah Walker says 2day’s gospel has moved us into new arenas

Hezekiah Walker has experienced some major developments since the release of his last album nearly 5 years ago.
For one, he became Bishop of the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Fellowship, providing leadership to more than 30 churches around the country in addition to the Kunjalo Diocese in Cape Town, South Africa that he oversees – all while remaining Senior Pastor of his thriving Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York and Bensalem, Pennsylvania.
With each of these developments, Walker is motivated by his commitment to Kingdom relevancy.
 “One must continue to evolve so that the Kingdom can stay fresh, exciting and most of all relevant,” says Walker.
He pours this passion for Kingdom relevancy into his upcoming CD ‘AZUSA THE NEXT GENERATION’, being released June 11 on RCA Inspiration.
E8:What was the inspiration for  choosing the  songs  on the album? Did you have a set message?
Hezekiah Walker:  The inspiration for the music on my new CD was reflection of the powerful effect that the historical Azusa movement had on the Christian Church.

E8: What do you think of today’s gospel? Who is doing something amazing?
Hezekiah Walker: Today’s gospel has definitely progressed into arenas that were not as open to the message such as secular/mainstream radio,tv and venues.  That is good for the genre. Some of the artists doing something amazing in this genre would be Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin.

E8:What is your favorite scripture and why?
Hezekiah Walker: Isaiah 40:31 King James Version (KJV):  But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

This is my favorite scripture because it speaks of how God will be your strength/help when you feel you are at your end; you still got a little more in you!

E8:What have you learned over the years in your craft?
Hezekiah Walker: I have learned that integrity and consistency pays off!

E8:What is your favorite song ever?
Hezekiah Walker: Total Praise by Richard Smallwood

E8: What has changed since you have started?
Hezekiah Walker: The appreciation and celebration of the Choir—It was and still is the nucleus of the church and community.

E8:What song would you like to record one day?
Hezekiah Walker: I would one day like to record a song that can be a universal song of inspiration  for both the world and the church.

E8:What are your hopes for tomorrow?
Hezekiah Walker: To keep the choir alive and popular in the music industry.
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