Thursday, 6 June 2013

Celebration Of Grace and Purpose (OooTeeJay)

6th June every year is a day I always looked forward to (as everyone that has that unique day like me does). It happens to be the day purpose was born (my birthday) but there is something about the 6th of June 2013 that just gives me joy. I remember this favorite hymn that says “count your blessings name them one by one and it would surprise you what the lord has done”. I just want to give God thanks and appreciate all those who have been a source of encouragement and impact to me over the past few years of my life.
Have had the best of times growing up and also had some rough times but through it all God has been faithful, He always proved Himself as King. In this little life of mine have realized the devil always finds a way to cut short that which God has planned. Have seen God saved me from the arms of death and I remain forever indebted to Him. Have grown to love God more and to propagate His kingdom. Have had opportunities to serve in positions that are beyond me and God has indeed been faithful, have been graced by God to organize numerous number of concerts in this few years of my knowing and loving Christ, God wasn’t done with me yet and still honored me by making me the manager of one of the best vocal groups have heard over time “TAKE FIVE”. Despite all my faults and short comings, God crowned it all by placing in my hands a wider medium to enhance His Good news “DakingdomXploit”, its an online platform for Gospel promotions cutting across music, art, news, dance and any other form of Gospel Entertainment.
I want to give God thanks for His Grace upon my life and also like to appreciate everyone that has been of great support and influence to me. My Family, my siblings, My Pastor and Father “Pst Isaiah Salawu” who always said “It doesn’t take time it only takes God” which have seen in reality, to the best family in my life “TAKE FIVE” (Ephraim, Blessing, Jerry “J.Clone”, Amara, Japhet, Jessica, Godwin, Sarah and Paul “Loulou”) for never giving up on me, they always assured me that things would get better and I tell you they are all falling in place. God told me He just started with me and i don't you guys to be left out, See you at the top.
To all my friends too numerous to mention, you know yourselves God almighty would reward you all and to my lovely friend, sister and birthday mate “Annie Jegede” I love you beyond words.
To my family I met on social network and everyone God is using to propagate his Gospel. Praizhouse, Gospel Naija, Relentless Builder, Gospel Centric, Praiseworld Radio, Amazing dove, Gospel Music Naija, Gospel City Naija, Prayzmediaz and bidel (C-STAS), God bless you.
This has been just a way of saying thank you Lord for a life of Purpose, Grace and Exploit, here is the track “Imela” by Take Five download, listen and be blessed.
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Olasehinde Olatunji


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