Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Behind the scene of the Track "Keep Talking"

Keep Talking
                Four friends Jclone, Ephy, Loulou and Oooteejay sat down in the upper room of Oootejay's house at the Area A staff quarters of the famous Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State. Nigeria one boring afternoon th 15th of febtuary 2011 and thought to them selves, Why don't we make good use of this time and do something on the beat that was made by Jclone. So i pulled out my (dead) laptop *one old HP 503 system*. lets call the laptop "StillAlive" for you guys info "StillAlive was a television" it had no battery, Nepa takes light and StillAlive complies to Nepa by going off. Loulou brought out his microphone (U guys now see that a studio was coming to place), ephy pulled out a paper and started writing out lines for the hit that was about to b produce by him and his pals *lwkmd*, we booted StillAlive and launched Cubase.SX.v3.1 and Fruity loops v8 *sure you wondering, yes my StillAlive could take any application it wanted (looolzzzz)*.
                With all this set and our mic successfully connected to StillAlive using my converter from Jack to Earphone plugs. Jclone and Ephy were ready to spit into the mic 'for your info the mic ceased at different intervals' i tell U recording started and it was wow through out and StillAlive complied through out the recording by not freezing or going off, more importantly Nepa were supportive through out also. the four of us did all the too much talk "the intro"of the song while Jclone and Ephy dropped the message papa GOD send them. i took the voice while Loulou did the final mix down. there U have "Keep Talking", Me, You and everyone can talk all we want but God has the final say and all we need is found in HIM and HIM alone. It was fun trying out our first production work and we glad its blessing Souls.
Here it is for you all "KEEP TALKING" Remain blessed as you listen.

N.B. The same guys @louloubeatz @Jclonee and Ephy are bad guys now on the beatz.
                                                                                                                   yours joyfully


  1. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this 'behind the track' breakdown. I pray that God takes you guys places. It's always fun for me to know the amount of work and details that go into making even one track. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Is 'Still Alive' by some miracle still alive? Lol! Funny name sha!

  2. Thanks ma. And for Still Alive, its a pity that Still Alive pass on some two years back, He got really sick and was hospitalized bt se finally lost him, we really do miss him but he has soon been replaced with a better one, Life and Music has to go on *laughs*. All thanks to God.


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