Friday, 24 August 2012


     This post featured today is a full description of who #GOD is, where HE is, what HE dose, what HE has done and what HE will yet do. I came in contact with this article some four years back and it blessed me for good. I happen to run into it this morning after like 3 years and decided to share it with you guys. Get blessed as you read.

God can be LOCATED
If hatred has VACATED
He can be PLACATED
If pure Love is STATED

God is in every HEART
To realize Him START
Time is very SHORT
To Him only you DEPART

By God Jesus was SENT
To Him only Jesus WENT
Pure love Jesus did INVENT
To love Jesus was ADAMANT

To save all Jesus TRIED
He never at all DIED
Though n CRIED
God was at his SIDE

Jesus hated HATING
Love He was CREATING
With a kind heart-BEATING
The world He was MEETING

Jesus only started this TREND
His power none could END
Jesus is ever there to DEFEND
He is GOD as well as a FRIEND.

Written by Anonymous 

Remain Blessed


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