Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bishop Paul S. Morton Explains Why He Denied Having a Secret Daughter for Decades

Bishop Paul S. Morton is widely respected, and this is not going to change.  Church congregations have a deep well of forgiveness, even for the worst of sins by their spiritual leaders.

Various sources on the web say that the Gospel recording artist has a few secrets that he hasn’t shared with the public.  Time tends to reveal everything, and the 62-year old is now being asked to pay the piper.

Morton has been accused of having a 39-year old daughter that he has not claimed for most of her life.   Some are saying that the Bishop didn’t tell anyone about his daughter because he was afraid of what other people would think about his role as a pastor.  So, rather than confessing to his indiscretion, he kept it hidden and even denied it, likely to his daughter’s emotional pain and shame.

The pastor spoke recently about his personal life and the choices he made in his past.

“While in my early 20’s, prior to pastoring and being married, I did have a very short-lived relationship with a Ms. Elaine Hawkins. A few months after the relationship, she informed me she was expecting a child,” Bishop Morton said.

The pastor says that he provided financial support for his daughter, and that his wife and kids all knew about her as well.

“I wish I could tell you that I did right all my life, but I can’t. I have made some major mistakes and this is one of them,” Bishop Morton said about having unwed sex as a young preacher.”

But the pastor’s daughter, Ane’tra, doesn’t seem to be as forgiving of her father.  She shared documents with Obnoxious TV showing that her father requested a DNA test when she was 18 after he was asked to provide more money.   When her mother didn’t provide the DNA test, the pastor allegedly cut them both off.

Bishop Morton’s representatives feel that his daughter is now going public for financial reasons.

“I know what the devil is trying to do, he wants to take my influence,” he explained. “I know that I have been living a Godly life for God.”

No one knows why Ane’tra’s mother never wanted her daughter to get a DNA test.  So, maybe the pastor has a point.  It appears that his daughter could be after money and may not be his daughter at all.  What do you think?  Does this hurt his credibility as a pastor or is he the likely victim?


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