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With Urban Gospel Music on the rise including gospel hip hop, neo soul and gospel club, there is still room in our hearts for praise and worship. Music that takes us before the throne. From Aberdeen Scotland, a devoted wife, a loving mother, an ordained pastor and anointed psalmist springs a worship leader by the name of Eloho Efemuai. 
Eloho Jocelyn Efemuai, is the youngest child from ‘The Amata Dynasty’. Her love and passion has always been for singing. Her love for singing developed at a very tender age and according to her late mum would make music out of any and everything and even did ask if the things she thought in her heart could be written down as songs. She toured with her father on several stage performances and was cast to take some solo parts. She has been part of several music groups, choirs and worship teams, but her greatest desire is to impact lives positively by her music.
In 2011, Eloho set up Heartsong(a religious charity) in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland whose mission is to stir up the kind of worship that touches God and transforms lives by organising revival spots of worship, praise and worship events with renowned and upcoming worship leaders. Since founding Heartsong, Eloho has organized and hosted 3 worship nights/concerts in the city of Aberdeen. These worship nights/concerts have seen the likes of Bob Fitts, Ian White, Chevelle Franklin, D’Amadeus, Ify, Alexander Victor, Sola Okunuga and a host of others participating in them.

Now, after so many years of singing and leading worship, she is led to be a blessing by sharing her first album 'Arise' with the world. It was released in March and has been receiving great reviews and inspiring people globally. The title track, “Arise” will cause one to lift their hands in reverence. “Holy Father, we have come. By your grace we’re standing here. Like a fire you will burn in our hearts forever more.”  A simple line in the song that says so much. Other songs on the album include “Great and Mighty”, “The Shanana Song” and “Down at Your Feet” which causes one’s left hand to meet their right hand and clap to the rhythm. There are other tracks such as “Holy Lord” that promote the ultimate worship experience. 
Overall the whole album is a must have. A new saint, seasoned saint or about to be a saint, can all appreciate the production and most importantly the experience through the message of Jesus Christ. The songs are also simple that will even have its listeners singing along.
Eloho Efemuai takes her gift as a singer who leads praise and worship seriously. She desires to see lives transformed in the place of worship. Engaging, energetic, inspiring and heartfelt not only describes her live on a church platform, but it transcends even on her album…... “Arise” 

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