Thursday, 11 December 2014


This year, Heaven gained Myles Munroe and some other great men of God whose ministries have been of tremendous impact to their immediate communities, generations and the globe.

One such is Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere, the founder of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Ministries International, a church which made remarkable strides in spreading the gospel from Rivers state to numerous countries abroad.

Called and commissioned as an Apostle by God, Apostle Numbere has for over 40 years, taken the Gospel to many countries in Africa, USA and the far East. He pioneered the indigenous Pentecostal evangelism first in the North and then the old Rivers State (now Rivers and Bayelsa States) of Nigeria. Amidst much opposition and persecution, many hardships and trials, he took the gospel to the downtrodden, underprivileged, forgotten, sometimes very remote and dangerous communities of the numerous islands and villages of Rivers and Bayelsa States.

He is also a Bible teacher and has affected many lives through his books, newspaper articles, and his weekly television and radio programmes “Caught Up”. He was a one time chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) South- South Zone of Nigeria. He is married to Pastor (Dr) Nonyem E. Nembere (a medical doctor, author and conference speaker) and they are blessed with five children (all ordained Ministers of the gospel) and grand children.

Today, we release a brand new single from one of his children, James Numbere. He fondly misses his dad and took that further with the recording of a song soulfully rendered to pay a tribute to a man whom he calls his 'Spiritual and biological father".

The song is very soulful and perfectly captures the weight of the emotions James Numbere feels about his dad's demise. Do go ahead and download it from the link below and read the note he attached along with it.


Apostle G.D Numbere was my Father, both spiritual and biological and he raised us up with what we call 'tough love'.

I remember as kids we would all rush off to arrange the house as soon as we heard his horn at the gate. He did not like disorder.    We saw him live out what he preached and 'a good name is better than riches' is what we always saw through his life. I've had situations where after my introduction, people would light up and say 'Oh that's your father?' and then would proceed to offer help or favours .This is something money could never have bought.

Most recently, the first time he heard a song I wrote as well as what people were saying about it, he smiled, encouraged me and said 'well done, I am proud of you'.

'ONCE AGAIN' is my tribute song to him. It was difficult to write but more difficult to sing through. I know he's singing in Heaven and adding his Kalabari blend to the music up there. We all miss him and I hope you gain some encouragement just from listening in...   

I'll always love you 'Daddy'

- James Numbere


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