Sunday, 27 October 2013

Man Sets House On Fire While Trying To Cook The Bible

Jeremy Anderson, 22, from Oklahoma City is behind bars after setting fire to his kitchen when he tried to “cook the Bible,” and during his arrest, he told police that he was a Satanist.

Police were called to the home of Anderson on Wednesday when a neighbor called to report an incident of a “person going ballistic.”

Anderson threw objects at the police when they arrived and tried to enter his house. He had also kicked off the hinges to his front door and police noticed that he had blood stains covering his hands and face, according to police reports.

When an officer tried to taze Anderson, he told them that he wouldn’t be affected by it and when he was tazed again, he removed the probes in an act of defiance. According to local television station, KOCO-TV, Anderson continued to act like a madman and all attempts to talk him down failed.

Anderson then told backup police officers who arrived on the scene that he would fist fight them and they should put down their guns. After smelling smoke coming from the apartment, police then obtained a key to Anderson’s back door from the local housing authority and they were able to enter his house.

Upon entering the home of Anderson, officials discovered that the walls and floor were covered in blood, bleach and some other “substances.” A fire was also discovered in the kitchen and broken glass and furniture littered the apartment.

After being tasered several more times, Anderson was finally dragged out of the burning building by police who were dressed in riot gear.

Anderson also reportedly told police that he was a Satanist and he had started the fire because he wanted to “cook the Bible.” He also told them that he was “possessed by a homosεxual demon” who had performed sεxual acts upon him, according to KFOR-TV.

Reportedly, Anderson also stated to police that that he was surprised that he allowed the demon to touch him because he wasn’t homosεxual.

Anderson was taken to Oklahoma County Jail and held on charges of arson after being taken to hospital for checkup.


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