Sunday, 27 October 2013

Montell Jordan: Christians Have a Duty to “make the name of Jesus famous.”

Former R&B singer, Montell Jordan, left the music business three years ago to take up the position of Worship Leader and minister full time. He recently opened up about the importance of sharing the Word of God to others.

Jordan, 44, is leading the Worship services at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia and is doing exactly what he believes God wants him to be doing.

Jordan, who rose to stardom as a popular R&B singer in 1995 and stayed there until he left in 2010 when he decided to become a minister, said that he had never regretted leaving the music business and he believes that Christians have a duty to “make the name of Jesus famous.”

Jordan went on to say that “I think it’s important to spread the word of God through music, through art, through film, through television through every medium until all the world knows scripturally that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.”

The goal of every Christian should be that they take every opportunity to make the name of Jesus famous, according to Jordan.

The “Shake Heaven” album, created earlier this year by the Victory World Music team and Jordan received a Dove Award nomination for Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year.

According to Jordan, the reason he left the secular music industry in 2010 was to go into full time ministry and not, as many people believed, to change from doing secular music to doing gospel music.

Jordan continued that he is now a licensed minister who marries people, conducts funerals and baptizes people and all the other little things that come along with being a minister. He added that he also gets the chance to make music like the “Shake Heaven” album.

The reason the “Shake Heaven” album was so popular is that God music is the type of music that everybody can connect with, whether you are a Christian or not, according to Jordan.

The Victory World Music team is trying to reach the world and lost people with really good music and not just people who are Christian, said Jordan.

The second single from the album, “You Are,” which features Chris August, was originally written for his wife, according to Jordan and it received much praise from critics.

Jordan continued that he wrote “You Are” ten years ago as a love song for his wife and at the suggestion of his wife, because it had not been placed on a particular artist, he re-wrote it and made it a love song to the Lord.


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