Thursday, 5 December 2013

Emizon - Praiseworld Bars {Jesus}

Emizon is a multi talented rapper and producer. He brings his hardcore rap style on his version of Praiseworld bars - 16 bars with the theme JESUS. Let's know what you think of it.

Praiseworld Bars is a hip hop initiative hosted by Praiseworld Radio. The theme for this season is “JESUS”. Each participating rapper is expected to jump on the same beat, with lyrics about the theme (JESUS) in 16bars ONLY.


Emizon is an avant-garde personality with a deep seated passion for all that is music and a desire to birth good music in a highly creative and competitive age. Emizon is a novel producer, lyricist, rapper and proficient singer, an individual that has found wholeness and peace in music. 

To experience the entity that is Emizon, is to experience music on a whole new level!


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