Friday, 6 December 2013

Sokleva - Praiseworld Bars {Jesus}

Sokleva Hughes, member of the Rooftop MCs and now Rooftop Clan drops 16 deep bars on his version of Praiseworld Bars - 16 bars with the theme Jesus. You need to listen closely to this. It's got a lot in it. Let's know what you think about his version.

Praiseworld Bars is a hip hop initiative hosted by Praiseworld Radio. The theme for this season is “JESUS”. Each participating rapper is expected to jump on the same beat, with lyrics about the theme (JESUS) in 16 bars ONLY.

Sokleva is most definitely a hip hop head in Nigeria, and he’s set to drop a new single "Seasons (Turn By Turn" featuring Okey Sokay, on the stables of Rooftop Clan Music soonest.


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