Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Consistent pursuit is the proof of Purpose and this saying has again been justified by one of the finest Singers that Nigeria and the world is gradually getting blessed by. His first single RAISE YOU HIGH rocks your body in praises to God, his second; AS IT IS IN HEAVEN is a stronger statement that he is a true Singer of the Gospel and to boost the truth that he is also versatile, here is a Hip-Hop song that keeps you stomping in praises to God. It is titled “UYOYO”. According to him, “UYOYO” in the Isoko dialect means “LOVE” and it is the LOVE for God that propels us both to acknowledge His sovereignty and praise Him in that capacity. For this to be true, I encourage everyone to first listen to the lyrics of this song, digest the meaning, then stomp in praises”. Ladies and gentlemen, while we wait for more to come as he has promised, call him “Mr Uyoyo” if you like, it is with pleasure and Uyoyo (laughs) that we present again to you, Fortune Ebel doing UYOYO. 

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