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One of the unique vocal prowess discovered in the Gospel music genre is set to unleash the mysteries of God’s love, faithfulness and salvation through music.
Nathaniel Edoka Adoyi with stage Name “Nate” spent early years of his life developing his talent and defining his music style. At early age, he became a cynosure of all eyes and turned out to be pastors’ favourite leader of the church's praise and worship team. He is dynamic with his vocal skill in gospel high praise and trending dance steps.

Nate has shared stage with great international and local gospel artistes, like Oluwadare Oluwole (Maryland, USA), Chris Morgan (Nigeria), mentioned but the few. His mission is to bring a perfect blend of the gospel old school genre and urban gospel music. 
Nate's uniqueness and knacks cut across music, and has been an identified icon in Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector, this has ensued him as one of the foremost ICT consultant to academic institutions and business organizations in Nigeria. 
As a vibrant young man, he also exhibited an outstanding leadership skill, serving as the President of a youth development body "The SinglesPLUS". His achievements in this body are innumerable. Nate is leaving no stone unturn to fulfill his God’s given vision and purpose.  His first Single, ‘Egbega’ is a fusion of Yoruba, Idoma and English language which is set to put a new Song in your Mouth, Dance to your Feet and lyrics to praise.
I’ll implore you to be part of his success story.

 For more information please follow @NateVibe or For Enquiries, bookings and sponsorship call: +2347064933559, +2348028703605

Egbega Lyrics

O  lo lo lo o lo lo lo lo lo lo  oya 
E  le le le e le le le le le le.  Emujojo
O lo lo lo o lo lo lo lo lo lo  Egboluwaga
E le le le le e le le le le le le Owoichadam

call:       Ngba ti mo ri iyanu eledu mare oba awon oba
Resp:    Mofoka, Mokaleluya, luya, luya
Call:      Iyanu to se
Resp:   Number 1 miracle lo se mi o 

When i tell you about the things that he's done; 
its been wonderful 
When i tell u about the life that he gave;
life eternally 
Owoichadam mee, alohi gbe, awune gbe
Ogidi gidi, obada bada,  mme, ocho
You 'v been nice to me kind to me
That's why i wanna say thank you
O lo lo lo lo o lo lo lo lo lo lo lo ejo

Ijoya o. Mowadupe, lodo baba, lodo baba, lodo omo, eleti igbaroye igbaroye, igbaroye igbaroye e , e
Call: Ema ma bami rababa fun oba ogo
Rep: Oba
.        Akirisore 3x loluwa 
         Terere kari aye o.
Number 1 miracle lo se mi o 3x

 bere mole kojo, bere mole komole
Owoicho adam alohigbe, Owoichadam awunegbe
Okama leya ma
Ohimini wulu

Call:    Ka biesi re oba awon oba
Resp: Oke apata piti 2x
           Oke apata
           Oke apata piti
           Ato baba, mape eni kan ni baba
           Olorun oba lon je beee

Oke apata, oke apata piti, ato baba ohun nikon ni
Eleti igba roye

Oba, mimo, mimo mimo, 
tio se Pa
Tio se lu
Tio se ra
Tio se ti
Tio se mijigijigijigijigi.

(Repeat chorus)

Awa maridin eleti gbaroye 
oba ameda laweda laseda.
Call:    Kilose 
Resp:  ogbe ogo 
Call:    kari ogo.
Resp:  Kari ogo, Olu pin lese
            Ala se pe igba gbo wa
Call:    Ani kilo se
Resp:  Ogbe ogo
            Olu pin lese   
            Alasepe igba gbo wa.
(Repeat Chorus)


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