Saturday, 31 January 2015

ARTICLE : GospelMusicBloggers – The Champions of Our Time – Part 1 | UNACHI

In the last two years we have seen and experienced a lot of improvement and the push to bring gospel music closer to the people as a way of providing an alternative to the kind of vogue language music we hear and at same time preach the gospel of Christ through the instrumentality of the growth experienced in ICT across the globe. Gospel music was way back known to be just church  music, while I disagree with such assertion, gospel music is life, it transforms, renews and empowers the listener. A preacher doesn’t just preach in church, same as a musician which is the reason why a musician needs to record songs and put them out there for people to buy and  listen to and be blessed. Restricting self to church is restricting the blessing and getting the message across to desperate souls in need of it. People get converted listening to great songs most times than when the listen to preaching either in church or via other channels. Now to the real matter, before the emergence of few gospel blogs, gospel music was very far from accessibility. Today the case is different, gospel blogs have  closed the gap that once existed. Right on your phone you get broadcast of new release and on social media you get to see songs trending as a result of selfless effort of individuals who have decided to ensure they contribute their quota to bringing this song to people who need them. We have had thousands of visits and downloads on various blogs which has never been. These champions are never celebrated, they post and publish edifying contents, yet and never seen as part of the industry. Only a selected few have appreciated the effort of this people. And of course, no one expect reward from any man, it will be worthy of note that appreciation goes a long way to motivate the labourer to do more. These champions didn’t just stop at blogging they have upped the game by including online radio stations to boost the message they want to pass across. While a lot of gospel artiste are deprived of the opportunity of getting regular airplay except when you have some money to spare to OAP’s then forget it, this doesn’t mean all OAP’s charge to play songs. The advent of online radio stations have greatly impacted gospel music in Nigeria and I must say kudos to everyone who have made sacrifices to ensure the success we are enjoying today. These are the champions of our time, those who sacrifice all they have to reach out to everyone.

Just incase you don’t know where to get latest gospel music please visit the following sites in no particular other oooooo (lol)

Do not be discouraged  when those whom you are promoting don’t seem to value your efforts.. sometimes we see, hear things that can make us quit but please hold on and keep up with your good work.. Sad when some artiste can not event use a link of their song from your site but gladly will use that of a secular blog..they make us second class..(lol) they don’t know we are the real champions (Yes they DON’T), a prophet is not known in his hometown (lol). They have started copying from us, give us a few years from now we will take over. Continue propagating the gospel. Do not be deceived we are pacesetters, we’ve got the right message. Celebrate every gospel music blogger for their selfless service to the kingdom.

May God engrace you all to do more for the kingdom.




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