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 A campaign was started by seasoned rapper J.CLONE to inspire young people to dream on and stick to their dreams and ambition. Various artiste and God lovers joined the "Dream On Supporters Team" #DOST and wrote out their childhood dreams and aspirations, we've got write ups from Gdia, Beejayrymes, Lulu, OTJ, Maestro, Unachi, Olateju, Haychbeatz, Vivid, Tosyn, Dben and Jclone written out here for you all to read and be inspired. GOD BLESS. Inspire someone today.
Growing up i got a life of my own, got everything thing that i wanted. My mum thought me to believe in myself and that i could do just anything i want to do. I got gifts, got talents... had great passion for music, so i got into secular, had a manager, going for shows and getting paid. It was a life of affluence, i was money and fame conscious, stage and award driven, i loved the girls , i loved the SPOT LIGHT, i loved to be THE ONLY ONE. Then five(5) years ago my plane came crashing.....i went for STAR QUEST musical competition, got a green card into the house for the competition and alas i thought my time has come and i could finally show the world what i got.... That same night i got a call from home and my dad informed me he just got a call from the school i graduated from and  that they couldn't trace my final exams, so i had to leave the competition and get back to sch. Back to school as a student, i was broken, my pride and ego damaged, that was when i was isolated and consecrated, heavens prevailed upon me, gave me a focus, a redirection, a will to rule and stand out and a purpose/mandate to live for. Now beyond my competence, gift, talent, skills, expertise and passion, i know music has been given to me as a tool to teach the world the truth and the beauty that lies in accepting/living that truth. e for. Now beyond my competence, gift, talent, skills, expertise and passion, i know music has been given to me as a tool to teach the world the truth and the beauty that lies in accepting/living that truth. Now i pursue fulfillment, i pursue change, i pursue deep and extraordinary things and that what what drives me. I am running a race, winning day by day and i wont stop till we take over the whole towns. #DREAMON. 
I am Beejayrymes. Am awesome and i lead the breed that believes heaven can be replicated here on earth. #Dreamonsupportersteam


I knew I was called to sing but I thought my voice was not good enough. I kept dreaming of my self Ministering to millions of crowd in a beautiful place but in reality,i never looked like it.
Yes! So many times I wanted to give up, so many times I felt less of my self when I see my pairs doing better than me , some Churches discourage me, even friend did but my dreams kept me going,OMG! They were too beautiful to walk out on instead I saw my self working hard to attain a height in my ministry ,my zeal and passion increased daily.
Certainly I'm not were I ought to be but by the grace of God I'm not where I used to be.
Sincerely I cannot give up but #Dreamon because I serve a God of possibilities who called me and He's at work in me to will and to act in order to fulfill His purpose. I'm still dreaming of the  millions of crowd i'll be blessing soon and(continuously)
I have a supportive family and many who are looking up to me, so i am persuaded,that noting can change my mind.
Infact, our society and some of our churches have made us feel less of ourselves. They preach wrong messages, use us and at the end we are been thrown out of the church because of the mistakes they unconsciously led us into.
Some dreams are dead and buried because we allowed people to define us. ...Refuse to give up, see a need to rise beyond the level you are, move forward and stop consoling your present position, grow up,work,learn and #DREAMON
I'll end by saying ...
If God has commanded you to fulfill a commission, make it your utmost Priority as long as you live.
Please #DREAMON. I am Gdia (Godiya Dangana) and I urge you to DREAM ON.


OTJ of Dakingdomxploit
On a journey to make a living and make impact in life I faced a lot of challenges that made it all feel like nothing good could be achieved. A situation where you are delayed from moving ahead with your mates and it seem like stagnation becomes the order of the day.

Till this very day I took a bold step and said to myself my dream is my dream and no one's own, it's up to me to stand up look ahead and reach for the goal that is set before me, I am not my mates, I am ME, I am not like others I am ME, I am not the world I am set aside. So I picked myself up and said no to stagnation, no to failure and YES to IMPACT. I must #DREAMON. I am Otj_DakingdomXploit Am young and I wanna make impact.


I've always  known I was special different, built to sing my heart out for God's glory even from childhood,lil wonder while my mates where still chorusing their nursery rhymes,I was already exposed to,enjoying tunes from otis redding,tony benet,bill withers and the likes,doing stuff I later learnt to be
Fast forward a few years later and the 'realities' of life or may I say of nation nigeria tosses,back and forth a few times, 4-7 delayed admission,unending ASUU strikes....leaves a brova asking 'valid/logical' questions like..dude do you really want pursue this,please just  dust up that certificate,get a job/a life stop trying to be special, be like the rest,all you need is just cash...hmm..sorry I guess I'll just #DREAMON #DOST
I am Tosyn and I urge you to #Dreamon

Olateju. O
Dreams are what make us
They unify us, determine who we are,
What we are, where we come from,
Where we are going to
There is a dream in me
Of  who I want to be in years to come
I had this dream as a child
As I grew, the dream waxed stronger
And I saw it growing alongside me
This dream then became me
Now I can stand and proudly scream
At the dawn of each new day
I see myself in a new light
I can raise the roof, lead the parade
With my banner reading
I am Olateju, A first class winner of dreams, so I urge you to dream on to make impact

I was called a Dreamer by my peers while growing up! I remember me....standing in front of the living room  with a spoon in my hand pretending I was BoyzIIMen. My dreams scared me so much that I felt it was like singing in a video with no sound to go...but I held on to HOPE - sweet melody coming from a #BrokenRadio. Today the story is different and I know better - I still hold steady to HOPE.
There are no coincidences in life. That person who wandered in and out of your life was there for some purpose, even if they caused you harm. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense the short periods of time we get with people, or the outcomes from their choices. However, if you turn it over to God he promises that you will see the big picture in the hereafter. Nothing is too small to be a mistake.
For I may have nothing to lean on, nowhere to call my home and there is nowhere I will go for Christmas to rest my head and touch familiar walls. I may not have the best degree to show on paper or employment to take care of my health or the reassurance that I can pay my rent. And I have no right to complain because this is the road I choose and I built it myself, not really knowing where I wanted it to lead, but I have hope in all things ahead and behind and I am learning to let myself go. Forget my own ego and believe that what I am doing is grander than my very own self.
Don’t give up; try again. Be still and work it out till your good becomes the best! Dream high above the sky!
You owe it to yourself, to refuse to surrender to obstacles that are meant to stop you from reaching far in your endeavours. Be determined that you will never be a captive of your environment.
Great people faced obstacles in the pursuit of their dreams.The struggles was a motivation to stretch their limits. Be inspired by the story of great people. Know that you are not alone in your struggle.
I am HaychBeatz and I urge you to DREAM ON.

#Dreamonsupportersteam #Dreamon11115 #Liveoutyourdreams

He said to me Dream on maestro, Dream on. I started weeping... At first I had immense dream of becoming the world best footballer. My father rejected my footballing dream. My father will flog the hell out of me to stop football that i was too good that literally someone could just attack me fiercely and I will just be broken or dead (fear). They discouraged me. I became furious on what next to chose as to what I want to become. Then I met computer. I enrolled in a computer class being just an attendant, not learning anything. Empty as nothing. The kind of computer class I enrolled into was "Stand and watch me do". I did that for good 6years._I began to love all I was doing. I began to love graphics and imaging._My love for photography grew day by day that i applied in a studio to learn photography and editing. It continued as "Stand and watch me do". I did that on and on. Until I began having more interest in graphics. I went extra miles downloading tuts,payed to learn online, got PDF's, downloaded videos of all kinds, read books and all. many professional picture editors have establish themselves over the past years. Most of them got their fundamentals from a classic graphic, photography or digital media designer school diploma. This knowledge got further reinforced by working for various agencies/clients and being placed in daily creative responsibilities and learning everyday. For many people this way seems to be the only way to climb up the professional latter in picture editing, especially in the Photoshop scene. But there are other ways.
Since almost four years now, I realised that graphics (creativity) is in me. I am accomplishing something others can only dream of. God has been the source of my inspiration and my all. Its a part I choose. My whole aim is to inspire and to influence my generation with the Uniqueness (energy). I am tagged being "workaholic". You could say his days have more than 24hours. I spend most times getting myself learned.
Upon all barriers and hills, I refused to be discouraged. I keep my dreams high above the sky. Am being determined that I have a living God who gives in excess and never lacks. I am a champion. Am out to be unique. I am a winner. I am Maestro. I have a dream.

#Dreamon brother

#Dreamon Sister

#Dreamon life


- Maestro (A Graphic designer and professional photographer)


The journey wasn't told to be easy especially when the dream is big and the possibility of achieving this huge dream seems impossible considering where I was coming from. I was branded the most unfortunate amongst my friends. I had to work from a very tender age to buy textbooks, uniforms, sandals etc, at a point work extra to pay my fees. When I thought the challenges were over after my secondary education, hardship beckoned on me, the fear of achieving those huge dreams became shaky, when most of my peers graduated with several qualifications, I was wallowing in pains and would hear the negative voice saying hey you are finished...Yea I cried, I was pained cos it seems all was lost and those dreams were far from reality. I never gave up, all I did was to  keep on dreaming cos I knew it would always come to pass. The day I realised I was the best of Me gave me a new beginning and today things ain't the way they were. I have far risen beyond those past failures, pains and stagnation. Dream on, and always remember a dream is like a pregnant woman who will always bring forth when it's time. Celebrate your dream and enjoy life. This is me, I am young, gifted and ready for impact. If I can rise above all the challenges then you can.. I am Unachi and I am urging you to DREAM ON. 


Looking back at how it all started I thought I was an abnormal child, I always thought out of the box because I could do a whole lot of things and I could do them pretty well. It became confusing placing a hand on purpose, because every gift in me was calling me its direction as such I grew up a loner because no one around me thought like me.
I set many goals but achieved very little or none and it was so discouraging, at a point I gave up searching purpose. I used to read books and they say things like what you enjoy doing most might be your calling but for me I enjoyed every bit of me and it was hard knowing what I was created for, till I understood from God’s Word I was created with an intent and all the gifts in me were necessary for that intent to be fulfilled, I was now better equipped how to harness all of my gifts together with God been the focal point of all that I do. He also connected me to other #‎Dreamers and I know I’m not alone
I am a #‎Dreamer, I’d never let go, even though society isn’t used to us, we won’t give up on what we believe.
YAY! Today I can say that I appreciate my multi-faceted me (Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Rapper/Singer, Computer Scientist, Teacher etc. (I really mean etc.. lol))
Final words:
Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself, looking at the present circumstances in your life, but truth is, YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES, YES! God invested so much in you, don’t belittle yourself.
Please #DREAMON. I am LULU (Paul Iliya, CRO Gospelhype)


I have/had a dream, a purpose to help people discover and fulfill their potentials to its fullness. Every other dream I've had or i'm having is geared towards that purpose. Every enterprise or platform I've founded or i'll be establishing is to achieve that purpose.
Every step along the way, I've encountered challenges and situations that I've brought me to my lowest ebb, broken my heart in an attempt to shatter my dreams.
Just like Joseph, all these challenges I've faced are just experiences that build the road to the actualization of that dream.
"Even if you have a nightmare, never stop dreaming" - JClone
Supported by #GospelMusicNaija
I am Vivid. My Dreams are Vivid, I live my dream daily!

It wasn't really a good start as all that was available wasn't really pleasing, as a young boy I had a whole lot of dreams, it was like a book I jst started writing, all I wanted was a life that'll show my peers how much of a the best doctor i've become, then mama sent me to church where I found my real love, that was d moment anything school stopped making sense to me as all I wanted to do was play my locally made drums in my backyard and then go to church and be d Kirk Franklin of my choir, it was so much fun cause I cudnt help falling in love with it each time I found my self doing it then came my success formular, "Dcubed_Fsquared" I made d "Decision" to press on no matter what, I was "Determined" to achieving all I decided, I was "Directed" towards that dream, I had "Focus" on that dream and finally but most importantly I had "Faith" in God to pull me thru.
I almost gave up at a point though as a whole lot of people laughed at me and called me names, at a point a deacon in my church told me to my face how what I was doing wudnt take me to no where. Well that same deacon now has my E.P CD, his son see's me as a role model, his wife always dances to my song each time I minister in church, D'Ben is now a familiar name in my locality, I keep repping my city as a spirit filled gospel rapper, Thanks to my brother Lulu I am still patching on drums, I have lost count of the songs I have recorded and features I have worked on, an economist, a writer, manger and a very good event planner.
The road has really not been enticing enough, but God has really been faithful, just d words from young folks to me like "u are all I want to be like" makes me know all I went thru was to make me what God has planned me to become, and as k-drama wud say, if I had to do it all again, I wudnt change a thing. I had a dream, I kept d dream, I see d dream becoming real.
I am a dreamer, I am D'BEN "Devinely Bought, Eternally Named and I urge you to dream on


Growing up I thought I could only make the greatest impact on humanity if I become a Medical Doctor. Going through my days I came to the point of self discovery, I realized I had the gift to do music and that my music could either give life to my listeners like a Doctor would to his patient or otherwise (maybe just different approaches) and also could be a tool of influence to people, my society, culture while glorifying my Creator. Practically this have been my driving force since 2010 and I'll like to say you can do same wherever you find yourself whether in Politics, Business, the academia, Humanities, Entertainment etc. I am J.Clone and I am urging you to DREAM ON.

DREAM ON by J.Clone ft Texx drops 11/1/15 (#Anticipate)

Join the 'Dream on support team (#DOST)' by sharing with the world some of your childhood dreams/aspirations and future ambitions especially those that have to do with your desire for positive change in your locality or even in Nigeria at large. End your post with the note/hashtag eg: I am J.Clone and I am urging you to DREAM ON. #Dreamonsupportteam #DOST #Dreamon11115 



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