Sunday, 5 May 2013

{NEW} "BROKEN RECORD" By "I_Kan" Ft Deo {Free Download}

I_Kan is a young christian rapper, still in school studying elect/elect engr. in FUT, Minna. Real names, Aken Ezra Habu, from Taraba State. Fell in love with rap music as a child but started writing his own lines in junior secondary school back in Jos, 2003/2004. It was really difficult at that time because he wanted to be gospel but couldn't write gospel rhymes.. it seemed impossible but kept coming slowly!! Years later, after getting admission into FUT Minna, he got to listen to songs from Lecrae, Dwayne Triumph, Tedashi, Trip Lee, Spokxman, IHN, soulflame, etc. through some friends and they pressed his mumu button.. lol!! Decided to join WWJD's (What Will Jesus Do?) rap crew i.e IHN(In His Name) in 200L and that was it!! He learnt everything he know's now under the then co-ordinator, Exodus who worked on his spirituality and helped him discover his style!! Now he goes by the name "i_kan", as it implies "I can" from Phil. 4:13!! Doing what I can do to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

...And again, here comes this blend of skill and passion crafted into words, delivered on an unlucky beat.
I_kan takes rap to the extreme with an unbelievable pulsating flow on "The Broken Record" with great help from fellow preacher/rapper and friend since JSS 1, DEO.
On this song he explains the reasons for his addiction to God, while DEO throws his Jesus flaunt around for everyone to catch. They are stuck on the same message of Christ, stuck on the same words like a broken record. After listening to the song I concluded that the young rapper had a family relationship with Tedashii. That would be the only explanation as to why he could brake and speed simultaneously on a deep crunk beat; one which he produced himself.
I_kan has been a member of the christian club WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) Minna and belongs to the rap crew IHN (In His Name) with influences from Spokesman, Exodus, MIC and others. You can follow him on twitter @I_ikanDdr and DEO @deo_diyo

I'll be bragging on my Lord, bragging on my Lord....

You might not understand what I'm saying till you download this track for yourself!

Be Blessed and Brag on your LORD




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