Saturday, 10 August 2013

{Exclusive Premier} "RENEGADE" by The Renegade Team

The dawn of events in the recent past (the pervasiveness, love for worldly pleasure etc)  tells us that we live in a time where the things that are rarely mentioned or taboos are now the new norms, society has taking a downturn, our values and beliefs have been watered down, it’s a seemingly hell let lose situation. Most youths no longer have regard for elders or believe that they should wait till they are married before they should have sex, the level of hard drugs intake is also alarming and it makes me to wonder, where is the place of the church in our society?

Why have we become comfy in our air condition fitted auditoriums than going to the world to make disciples? The church should be a place where the world gets its standards from not the other way round but thank God for the wave of revival that He is sending to His church, a release of power, His Spirit and anointing, this is what gave birth to the movement -the Renegades.

Their central focus is to not conform to this world but to live based on the dictates of the Kingdom of God and to show forth the Kingdom of Light and because lights attracts they also will use that influence to attract men and women (majorly the youth) to seek that light and to live by its dictates. The name Renegade was chosen because like Daniel we choose to stand against the ungodliness (the creed and the culture), we choose to be the round pegs in the square holes of the world- we don’t fit in (JClone will say #Misfit).

We don't conform to the standard of the world. #DaKingdomXploit.

Be Blessed.


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