Monday, 5 August 2013

{New Music} "I CAN" By Beautiful Lite ft. I_Kan & Texx

In wrestling, a tag team match would be a situation where two or more athletes join forces to defeat an opponent. This track is quite a tag team only this time the opponent in the ring was an innocent beat. Let's blame the producer, Jukebox [@Jukerecordz], for bringing a clueless lamb into the den that had BeautifulLite, I_kan and Texx in it. Sent my condolences already!

This collaboration features Broken Record crooner I_kan and finest Femcee BeautifulLite. Popular opinion suggests she garnished MC Adoga Of Rap's The Kill.  They speak about the endless possibilities that exist beyond the realm of imagination where; Christ stands as the only source of energy to achieving possible and impossible aspirations, presenting a life without limits, with the help of  the undeniably exceptional skills of female vocalist, Texx.

This song made me believe I could to put the whole of Lagos in a bucket, then mould the already full bucket into a ball and kick it to Burundi. Lol!

The trio belong to christian club WWJD Minna chapter  and are members of popular HipHop group IHN.


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