Sunday, 15 September 2013

GameMan – “New Day” Ft. Simi {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Inspired by life, environment, society, and all that’s available through God. A quick listen to his songs gives an idea of his personality and convictions. Very practical; his music is known to take the listener on a journey. It’s a perfect blend of key musical elements. He’s got a unique voice texture, intelligent techniques used for delivery and superb clarity that makes you hear every word.

GameMan BeatzJockey is known for his multi-tasking abilities. A personality with unique sense of leadership. He is Chief of the E.C.H.O Cypher project where he teams up with Mr Xi CEO (E.C.H.O) to set up the E.C.H.O Cypher platform. On the platform he performs the task of a director, music producer and Rapper.

The Much anticipated single off the soon to be released album BEYOND WORDS is now here, its titled NEW DAY featuring the singing bird herself SIMI. 


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