Wednesday, 18 September 2013

YEMY with ERUJEJE [Free Download]

Yemi Olatunji (Yemy), who is a prolific singer, songwriter and a worshipper, Yemy's music could best be described as Afro/urban contemporary music, while some people call it Trado Contemporary music. The name of his music ministry is "The Praising Xtian" (TPX) which creates an atmosphere of worship, praise and Edification in Gods presence. He has been a praise worship leader for several years which has blessed so many lives. 

He became aware that he could sing at the age of 8, Although he was playing trap drums in church all along too both in his church (The Apostolic church TAC) and outside back then. He has been a music director for many churches till date, he really started writing and performing at small gatherings and concerts in 1996 as a Jazziest and an accapella singer in (Restoration boys Jazz band/ Beyond the doubt accapella grp). He held his first and second concert in 2005 and 2010. Part of his professional discovery as a gospel singer include the stage of an historic concert being held every year at OAU (living spring festival) 

His Debut Album is titled UNMOVABLE with 3 tracks already out. Tracks: Erujeje (nominated for National gospel awards.) My Treasure: dedicated to mothers and IYE (zoe, the song of 1930s) he's fond of two slogans " Praise Jesus to get raised" and " Nothing can give me joy and fulfillment like Gospel Music".

Here is Erujeje listen and be blessed.


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