Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Secret $exual Sin That Many Commit and Avoid Talking About

Too often couples don’t place enough emphasis on s*xual relationships within their marriage if things are going good, but if they are bad they make a big issue out of it, according to Julie Sibert, a writer and speaker on s*xual intimacy in marriage, with specific interests in encouraging Christian women.

On her website, intimacyinmarriage.com, Sibert writes that marriage is often characterized by a shared sense of the two parties being “on the same page or team” with a fair amount of joy and grace.

Sibert continues that if there is a lack of s*xual intimacy in their marriage, couples often allow it to get into every aspect of their marriage, which can spoil the whole marriage, like not taking out the garbage and silly things like that.

The lack of s*xual intimacy spoils everything, writes Sibert. She adds that although the rejected spouse doesn’t always talk about their disappointment with the lack of s*x, they often feel disillusioned and disappointed with their whole marriage because of it.

Most people when they think of s*xual sin, think of p0rnography and adultery, according to Sibert. She goes on to write that they seldom think of s*xual sin as being the result of s*xual refusal.

However, Sibert believes that to refuse one’s partner can be just as much of a sin as viewing p0rnography or thinking about committing adultery. She adds that refusing your partner their basic s*xual needs can often lead to the destruction of their marriage.

Ongoing s*xual refusal is a sin in the eyes of God, says Sibert. She continues that God clearly tells us in the bible that we should not only have s*x with our partners, but have it more often and that He gives no other biblical options for married people, than to have s*x with their partners.

Sibert states that it was because she refused her first husband s*xual intimacy that he took her to divorce court. She added that her husband might have gone to counseling before proceeding to divorce her, but he didn’t and no matter how much she pleaded with him not to divorce her, it was too late.

S*x in her current marriage is both happening regularly and being enjoyed by both parties, wrote Sibert. She adds that she did apologize to her ex-husband for refusing him s*xual intimacy, even though she was already remarried.

In conclusion, Sibert states that if s*xual refusal is damaging your marriage, then maybe its time to try to humbly and courageously repenting of your sin before it is too late. “We have nothing to lose and much to gain through honest dialogue about s*x — and what it means to protect it, savor it, nurture it and pursue it in our marriages,” she adds.


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