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“A strong voice of worship, an outstanding vocalist, songwriter with depth, a lady with a tender heart that pants after God, and one with such great commitment to her music ministry. She is an epitome of originality, passion and charisma, with an endearing charm that pulls people to a state of worship and reverence for God when she stands in her office as a Minstrel. She has a pronounced sense of purpose and believes that Life must be lived intentionally. 

Ebahi Tayo- Ogunleye, born and bred in Lagos hails from Ogwa in Edo state of Nigeria. She obtained a degree in Chemistry from the Premier University- the University of Ibadan and also obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental chemistry and pollution control from the same Institution.
Growing up, she always had an intense passion and talent for music and her desire to bless lives and glorify God through her voice grew over the years. She started writing songs at the tender age of 13.

Her music ministry started in the Churches of God, where she had opportunities to sing at youth camp meetings and special events organized by the church. Her passion has seen her grow her craft as member of the Anointed, the music ministry of Harvesthouse Christian center where she developed capacity in songwriting, song leading and dynamics of the field of music under Senior pastors Revd. and Pastor Mrs. Gbeminiyi Eboda under whom she learnt the very essence of worship and a heart of service.

She has had the privilege of sharing the stage with various national and international top gospel artists over the years. She doesn’t only sing the songs she lives the song and has inspired countless others by her excellence and her heart of worship.
She is simply described by many as a lady with a contagious passion for God which is inevitably evident listening to her. She has written many songs some of which are Acceptable worship, Throne room, You deserve, and Give Him praise which is her debut single project produced by Dx Snipe & Isaac Ajayi of Midas Touch Productions. You deserve, is a simple song of worship that speaks of the very essence of God’s worth in our lives while Give him praise is a soulful track that stirs up praise in the listener. The full album titled Divine will be released soon. 

She is presently the president of Wells of worship, a dynamic music ministry that is God-centered. This is evident in their mission which is “helping nations to see and know God through spirit filled songs. It runs with a mandate is to sing spirit filled songs to our God creating room for people to behold his mystery as they abandon and commit themselves to God and knowing Him. She is passionate about soul-winning and believes that the ultimate goal of every ministry in the kingdom is to win souls.
She is happily married to Tayo and they are blessed with two girls.

She can be reached on +234-(7)-066712711.
www.facebook.com /tayo-ogunleyeebahi.
E-mail- tommytush@ymail.com and hemedymusic@gmail.com


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